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What's up, blog!?

Is it even TRUE that I didn't blog the entire year of 2018?! Yep, sure looks that way. So much of the time, simply executing my videos on YouTube, trying products, and brainstorming new ideas seems like such a full plate (let's not forget the mom life)... But then I'll have days like today where I just LONG to blog! Like it's just calling my name.

So here I am! And I want to share a real dose of gratitude with you for a moment. I've been on YouTube since the fall of 2007... that's a long time! I guess I just want to say, thank you for continuing to watch my videos and keep my channel alive. It matters so much that you enjoy the content, come back for more, offer great video ideas, share videos with friends... it's what keeps everything moving forward and I'd just like to say thanks for that! You keep me inspired and eager to create more.

If you are one who subscribed long ago but hasn't visited in awhile... what can I do to bring you back? I feel s…

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