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Productive Stillness

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog. If you haven't been here in awhile, don't feel bad... neither have I! I'm majorly guilty of overthinking what I should blog about, not finding the perfect time to get it done, and then it just doesn't happen. But I think the blog is absolutely perfect for moments like this... where I've stumbled upon a useful thought that I just want to put out there. But it takes a little longer to explain than Twitter allows.
Who has a long to-do list for themselves? A lot of stuff on your plate, and when one thing gets done, something else is always waiting. This seems to be me with everyday life, but also with my videos. I look around my room at boxes with products spilling out of them and I think- great! Content for days. The video ideas are just sitting here. Review this, review that, review these other things. And then review some more. 
And honey, I LOVE reviews. I built my channel on reviews. But as I slowly start burying myself with the …

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