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Drop-Off Diaries: One Preschool Parent's Experience & Advice

Hi Everyone! On Belle’s last day of Pre-K (year 1) last May, I wanted to document a little “look back” on the year, and some of our struggles during drop-off. I thought it might be most impactful to actually share this around back-to-school time… and now we’re just a couple of weeks away from a new school year beginning! Since she'll turn 5 just past the Kindergarten cut-off, she'll return to Pre-K this year, which I think will be absolutely great for her. it's 3 hours in the morning, 5 days a week. I know I do many more videos than blog posts these days, but on this topic, I felt there were some very important tidbits that I just didn’t want to get lost in the rambles. I hope this is useful to the parents & care providers out there, and most importantly, helps you feel less alone if this is something you face at any point throughout the school year. Thanks for reading! 

PRE-K… Journaling our Journey
I remember day one like it was yesterday! We’d been to the orientatio…

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