Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mini Haul: Tarina Tarantino Makeup

Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a good day! :) I just wanted to share a mini haul of some things I got when Tarina Tarantino products were on Hautelook. I don't have much from this brand (just one eyeshadow palette), so I thought I'd get a few things to try. I believe this brand was once sold at Sephora, but it doesn't appear to be there anymore. You can still buy things at If you're not familiar with Hautelook, they feature brands (beauty, fashion, home, etc) at discounted prices. Sales of certain brands only run for a few days at a time (TT is not on there at the moment), but I thought that this post might be useful down the line if the brand is back on there again! Also- the packaging on these products is absolutely AMAZING. Some of the prettiest lipstick tubes I've ever seen! So I had to share! :) 
Jewel Shadow Palette in Delightful 
(Originally $32, Hautelook price: $15)
There were a number of 5-color eye palettes being sold during the sale, but this one really appealed to me because of the neutrals (of course), and it seemed SUPER similar to the Dior palette in Rosy Tan- which people seem to love. I haven't used this on my eyes yet, but from what I can tell by the swatches, the textures of these shadows are really nice. I like how a matte brown is included as well. I love the oval-shaped packaging as well as the mirror inside the palette. So nice! 
Conditioning Lip Sheen in Pink Elephant & Watermelon Wow 
(Originally $22, Hautelook price: $12)
Are these BEAUTIFUL or what?! I'm not even talking about the lipsticks themselves (yet). The tubes are a beautifully shiny gunmetal with a T on the top and rhinestones all the way around. There's such a luxurious, expensive-feeling weight to these as well. The caps really press down tightly over the product. They just scream QUALITY. As for the textures of the lipsticks, they're super smooth and creamy, lightweight, and comfortable. They'd be on the opposite end of the spectrum from a dry, matte lipstick. They have a beautiful shine after you apply them that the camera isn't really picking up on. But my lips just feel plush and smooth with these on (and they were feeling VERY dry before). 
 Left: Pink Elephant, Right: Watermelon Wow
I'm not sure which color I like best! Pink Elephant is a super wearable, soft pink. Watermelon Wow isn't overly bright, which I like. It seems like an everyday rosy color... but definitely not as strong as an all-out red. I wouldn't say these lipsticks are sheer, but they are kind of buildable. I seem to get a lighter amount of color with the first pass around my lips-- in the pics above, I went around my lips twice. So happy with these! 

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up on those items, and maybe you can catch them next time around on Hautelook! I wish the brand was a bit more accessible, but you can also find this stuff on the Tarina Tarantino website, which I've linked to above. I'll be sure to update you on how that 5-color eye palette worked out! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  • Uploading today's #bbexpress review! And a Target haul will be coming later on the main channel! 
  • I got some really sweet letters & gifts in my PO Box today! You guys are incredibly kind!! It's really blowing my mind. If you write to me, make sure to include your return address so I can write back! :) 
  • Has anyone tried the Confetti Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen? I'm tempted. 
  • A really clean & uncluttered kitchen makes me so happy. It takes no time at all for mail & random stuff to pile up, but I actually feel less stress when it's all put away. 
  • Wednesday a.k.a. hump day = bump day for me! Today I went into week 17 of my pregnancy! If you want more info, check out my latest pregnancy vlog (posted yesterday)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Too Faced Natural Eye: Old vs. New

Hi everyone!
In this post I want to take a closer look at the differences between the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, and the newly-released, updated version- Natural Eyes (which was sent to me by Too Faced). The palette is $36, and while you still might find some old versions lingering online, I imagine the new kind will start taking over in Ulta and Sephora stores soon. I remember when I bought the original Natural Eye years ago... it was my first ever trip to an Ulta! :) Anyway, updating palettes seems to be something Too Faced likes to do... remember when they added a few different shades to the Summer Eye palette last year? Now, they're touting three new shades in the new Natural Eyes palette. I actually think there are just two new shades and one re-named shade, but I'll get into that more in a minute. There's a pretty obvious packaging update for the new palette as well... the old one has the somewhat bulky, cardboard exterior, while the new one is metal and much more thin. So you could say, the palette slimmed down and firmed up :)
(enlarge picture to see more detail!)
I just wanted to show you the swatches from each palette so you can see the differences side-by-side. The shades that claim to be different in the updated version are Nudie (bottom left), Cashmere Bunny (top center),  and Chocolate Martini (lower right). I noticed a bit of a texture difference in the matte off-white shade, Heaven... it feels a bit more creamy and smooth in the original version. Other than that, all of the other shades are the same. If you notice any differences in the pictures, I assure you that it's just the way they caught the light... in person all the remaining shades (besides Heaven) feel/look exactly the same. With the changes, you now have four matte shades in the new palette compared to 3 in the original. 
Left to right: Nudie, Cashmere Bunny, Chocolate Martini
So what are we getting with these new colors? Nudie replaces the highly shimmer, glitter-packed color Nude Beach from the original palette... I'm really happy about this switch. Nude Beach was super flaky and with Nude, you have a pigmented, matte color that will be nice as a transition shade. Cashmere Bunny replaces Velvet Revolver in the original palette... which was also a matte shade, but it wasn't quite as deep. So I'm also happy about this change, because Cashmere Bunny makes a terrific soft crease color that provides a bit more impact than Velvet Revolver did. Finally, we have Chocolate Martini, which replaces Cocoa Puff. It's a brown with gold shimmer... but wait, isn't that what Cocoa Puff was, too? 
Left: Cocoa Puff (original palette), Chocolate Martini (new palette)
Those shades look exactly alike to me. Too Faced actually highlights Chocolate Martini as a new shade on their website, which kind of annoys me. It's just been re-named, but it looks and feels the same. Why not just say there were two new shades when that's really all that changed? 

While I think Too Faced did make some good changes to the Natural Eye with the addition of two new matte shades, overall I don't love the concept of just slightly re-making a palette. So many of us love to collect palettes... wouldn't it have been cool to have a Natural Eye volume 2 with totally new colors? That's my vote. Personally, I don't think it's worth it to pick up the new version of this palette if you already have the old one... you're only getting two different colors, and they're pretty basic-- you could probably hunt down dupes for Nudie or Cashmere Bunny in your collection! If you DON'T already own the Natural Eye and are contemplating this new version, I think you're getting a stepped up product, overall. Matte basics, fun metallic pops, and shadows that are deep and dark enough for a smokey eye. I hope that analysis makes sense! :) I also wanted to show a couple of looks that I've done with the new Natural Eyes palette...
Lid: Silk Teddy & Push-Up
Crease: Cashmere Bunny
Outer Corner: A hint of Sexpresso
Highlight: Heaven
Lower Lashline: Push-Up
Lid: Honey Pot
Crease: Sexpresso
Just Above Crease: Nudie
Highlight: Heaven
Lower Lashline: Sexpresso

Daily Nuggets...
  • We had some heavy rain roll through today! You may have heard some rumbles this morning during Beauty Broadcast Live! (there was also a part 2 today due to a glitch!) More severe weather is expected in my area tonight :(
  • I also mentioned this during the live show, but I finally got a PO Box! Feel free to drop me a note and we can be pen pals! :) The address is Emily Eddington PO Box 460 Carterville, IL 62918.
  • Having one of those afternoons where I'm "pregnancy picky". I just don't know what I want to eat, but I know I'm hungry. And a lot of things don't sound good.
  • Who saw Idol last night? I thought all of the contestants had a really strong night!! I especially loved Sam & Dexter's performances. We'll see who goes home tonight!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Face of the Day: Subtle Glamour

Hi everyone!
I wanted to do a quick "Face of the Day" post to give you a closer look at some of the things I talked about today on Beauty Broadcast Live! The webcam quality isn't great when I'm doing that, so hopefully this gives you a better idea of the products and shades that I was trying to describe :) Overall, the look is very simple, but kind of glam in a subtle way. While I used some very full-coverage face products, I kept all of my eye makeup confined to my upper lid. It's a different technique from what I usually do, but I think it really makes the eyes look bigger. Here are the products I used! :) 
  • NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation in Light Medium
  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye (neutral medium) & Hello Light Liquid Brightener duo
  • Bare Minerals Summer Bisque (to set under-eye concealer)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
  • Milani Bronzer XL in Fake Tan (for contouring)
  • Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love 
  • Benefit Coralista Blush (to set the cheek stain stick... it has a kind of dewy finish)
  • Laura Geller Baked French Vanilla Highlight (forgot to snap a pic of it!)
  • Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye Primer (not pictured)
  • Stila In the Know matte palette (details on the shades used below)
  • NYX Two Timer Eyeliner in Jet Black (liquid end for winged liner)
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Nude in lower waterline
  • Jordana Best Volume Extreme Mascara (upper lashes)
  • Salon Perfect Demi Wispies False Lashes

Eyeshadow how-to...
  • I applied Wind (light cream) all over lid and under my brow
  • I blended Rain (cool grey/brown) in my crease with a fluffy brush
  • I used a small bit of Fire (burnt orange) just above my crease color
  • I blended over the whole crease area with Clay (cool pinky/beige)
  • Since this focus of this look is on the upper lid, I didn't apply any shadows on the lower lashline. With so little done to the lower lashline, it kind of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's style :) 

I'm experimenting with a new brow palette from Too Faced called Brown Envy. It contains two powders (blonde and brunette), as well as a setting wax and a cream highlight. The kit also contains stencils, tweezers, an angled brush, and a spoolie wand. I like to apply some of the wax first with the angled brush, then I use the blonde shadow for a softer look on the inner parts of my brow, and brunette around my arch/outer part of the brow. I really like how these products help define my brows without making them look too heavy (which is easy to do!) I plan to try this more and eventually do a full review and demonstration for you. 
This is something I found at Ulta- the new (limited edition) Baby Lips "Pinked" collection. This shade is called Rose Rush. It gives a sheer pink glow to my lips- I LOVE the color. The staying power of this one isn't great. I have a couple of other shades from this collection to try and review also. 

Daily Nuggets...
  • I've been swatching TONS of lip products on my hands as I prepare for a new dupe video in the near future! :) I'm trying to find dupes for some of my much-loved shades, and it's not easy.
  • It's windy as can be this afternoon!! Hold on to your hat!
  • I made heated up some 3-cheese tortellini last night. SO GOOD.
  • Here's the Pinterest picture that I was talking about today on BBLive that was cracking me UP last night!! Haven't we all had this feeling?! I remember oversleeping one day when I was working at the station (forgot to set my alarm), and got a call from a co-worker asking where I was. I must have looked exactly like this!! LOL! The face! The hair! I can't take it!!! 

(found on Pinterest, of course)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Revlon Vintage Super Lustrous Lipsticks

Hi everyone!
Happy Monday to you! I just wanted to do a little post on the lipsticks I was able to find from the limited edition "vintage" collection from Revlon. Five Super Lustrous lipsticks from the good old days were recently re-released, and I found mine in a special display in Ulta. I haven't found any links to buy these online, but Nouveau Cheap has a great post on all 5 colors and where people have been finding the displays. The colors I found were Jungle Peach and Fifth Ave Red
Left: Jungle Peach, Right: Fifth Ave Red
Both of these are creamy formulas with no shimmer. Jungle Peach is pretty on its own (which is the way I'm wearing it in this picture), but I like it even more with a slightly deeper peach or neutral lip liner on the outer part of my lips. Something about that method makes it even more wearable. I find Fifth Ave Red to be particularly striking. It's an interesting red that's not incredibly bright, but just really rosy and gorgeous. I actually included that red in my recent round-up of lipsticks that I'm loving right now. If you haven't seen that video yet, here you go! 

Have you gotten your hands on any of these vintage Super Lustrous lipsticks? If so, what shades would you recommend? By the way, I don't find these to be incredibly long-wearing, but the red will leave a bit of a stain on my lips once the shine wears off. Such a pretty color... I'm sad that it's only back for a limited time! Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day! :) 

Daily Nuggets...
  •  Found out that the station I used to work at was evacuated this morning due to a suspicious package! How strange! Sounds like it didn't turn out to be anything serious, but it's always interesting when the news becomes the news. 
  • My March Madness bracket is busted! I had Wichita State going all the way... and of course Kentucky took them down over the weekend. 
  • In more lip product news... another new lip product is the topic of today's Beauty Broadcast Express review! Look for it at 5pm CST at
  • Important question for fellow Jelly Belly jellybean lovers: What is your FAVORITE flavor? If you had to pick just one favorite, what would it be? Mine has got to be toasted marshmallow. Pear and Watermelon are a close second. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Another New Chapter!

Hi everyone! 
I'm not sure who has or hasn't had a chance to check out my latest YouTube video, and it includes a small element of surprise... so if you like that kind of thing, check it out before you read on! :)  

But yeah... huge news for us! Tyler and I have been so excited about this, and we are blown away by the kindness you have expressed in response to our video. I mean, I knew I had some of the nicest viewers ever, but the love you've shared has just really touched us both. There have been so many sweet stories in the comments section about your own motherhood experiences and what the next 6 months will be like for us, and just so much encouragement and positivity. "Thank you" doesn't seem to cut it in this situation... all I can say is that I love and value you SO much. Anytime you share your kindness with me and "let your light shine", as I like to say, it inspires me to do the same. Thank you for letting me into your lives and accepting me and my family with open arms! Oh and I love how people are using the hashtag #babybroadcast -- it's so funny because I didn't even mention it in the video, but my family and I were joking about #babybroadcast after I found out I was pregnant! 

I made this little pic to share as a pregnancy announcement along with the video! Had to take a crack at Tyler's height! :) He's 6'6" and I'm 5'0"... it's the first thing most people point out when they see us together! And of course we had to include Miss Cupcake! 

So what comes next? I've had so many requests for some pregnancy update vlogs, and I do plan to do those on my vlog channel, BeautyVlogcast. In fact, I think I'll do one this week just getting you all up to speed on our situation- we've got 13 weeks to cover, so there's a lot to share! I thought I could give a little bit of a backstory on our lives & when hopes for a baby came into the picture. What else should I talk about? Symptoms? Cravings? Doctor appointments? When we're finding out if it's a boy or girl?How often do you want to see update vlogs? As you can see, I need your help!! :) I've noticed a lot of people asking how my family reacted when we told them :) Maybe I'll get mom on the phone and re-enact it! haha :) I told her the very MORNING I found out... couldn't hold it in!!

On you can make little pregnancy tickers to show your progress... I thought I'd put mine on here! :) Baby is the size of a peach now, but on Wednesday I'll move on to the next fruit! Not sure how accurate all this size stuff is, but it's entertaining for me to keep track of! :)

 BabyFruit Ticker

Daily Nuggets...
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Are you wearing green? Tyler tried to pass off turquoise as green today, so therefore, he was pinched.
  • Today's Beauty Broadcast Express video involves a green product & a mini tutorial!
  • Ate a bunch of fresh fruit earlier... there is nothing like juicy pineapple!
  • Mom went to the dentist today (in my hometown- population 1,200 :) and she said everyone in the office knew the big news! Word travels fast- especially in a small town!