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It's 3 am & I Wanna Blog Again

Alright can I confess something up front? I'm not  up totally by choice. I didn't really bust out of my warm comfy bed with an intense urge to blog in the middle of the night. As you can see by the tiny arm in my creepy dimly lit picture, I'm up nursing my baby who just felt like it was the right time to get up. But while I was up, instead of being my normal drowsy self, my mind just starting going. 
I was thinking about video ideas. Thinking about what to cook tomorrow. Deciding what kind of workout I'm going to start doing. Wondering what that strange noise was outside. You get the picture. But something I really got stuck on...  What the heck is happening with my blog? I miss it! 
Kinda like an old friend you haven't touched base with in way too long. Anyway, maybe these nursing sessions might be a good time to check in on here. Think of it as an extension of the "random thoughts" I leave at the bottom of my video description boxes. 
Current thought..…

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