Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to Beauty Broadcast!

Hi everyone! Some of you may recognize me from my Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel- I decided it would be fun to create another outlet where people can learn about makeup, application tips, reviews, and things like that. I'll include some of my videos on this blog, along with some additional details! If you're one of my YouTube subscribers, this will be a great companion site where you can get more information. I hope you enjoy it- it's really new to me right now, so I'll be adding/making changes as I go!

To start with, I want to post one of my top rated YouTube videos that shares one of my makeup philosophies- finding great beauty bargains! I hope you'll enjoy the tips on this video, and share some of your own as well!

Check back again for upcoming drugstore hauls/clearance sale hauls and my recommendations!

♥ Emily ♥