Great Beauty Reads!

Hi Everyone! If you're like me and totally addicted to makeup, you'll probably be interested in these two awesome beauty books I've recently purchased! I found them at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore, which has a nice selection of makeup-related books. These are both great resources for anyone- whether you're a makeup pro or a beginner!

Making Faces
by Kevin Aucoin

Sections of this book include makeup basics and how to recreate celebrity looks using sketches, descriptions, and pictures. One section I especially like is when Kevin transforms everyday people in his life- I just love before and afters! If you want to branch out with your makeup styles and try new things this book will definitely give you inspiration. It follow's Kevin Aucoin's makeup philosphy- which is- in makeup, there are no real "rules". If you share that same mindset, you will definitely relate to this book. Don't get me wrong though- while some looks he shows are very unusual- others are perfectly natural. Challenge yourself by trying to re-create the looks yourself! This is definitely the type of book I'll keep referring to to check my technique and get new ideas.

Bobbi Brown Beauty
by Bobbi Brown

Talk about the ultimate book for someone who's new to makeup! You will love this because Bobbi Brown is the queen of making the beauty terminology so everyone can understand it. Her makeup philosophy is different from Kevin Aucoin's... she's centered on very natural beauty and feels that a person's features shouldn't be changed by makeup, only enhanced. Anyone new to makeup will be very comfortable with her natural and easy techniques. While Kevin's book may be geared toward those who are already quite comfortable with makeup, this book will help the everyday woman get through the day. Some sections I enjoyed was when she highlighted certain celebrity clients and showed pictures so you have an example of different face shapes/features she's talking about. Bobbi also suggests makeup routines for the three and five minute face-- and something I like-- suggestions for TV makeup! Bobbi also has chapters catering to all ethnicities and the special differences makeup-wise.

I hope you have a chance to check out one or both of these books! They are so enlightening for someone who loves makeup, or who is just getting started. Both have their own unique philosophies, but both Kevin Aucoin and Bobbi Brown are widely respected makeup artists-- you really can't go wrong with their advice! Thanks for stopping by Beauty Broadcast!

♥ Emily ♥


  1. I recently read both--great reads and photographs!

    Wanted to suggest that people try their library, if they'd rather not purchase the books. Both of these books (plus many more current makeup books) were available to me at my library! :)

  2. Have and love both of those books. I also have read Paula Begoun's books, and now subscribe to her website, GREAT info and reviews of thousands of products. I think of her as the Ralph Nader of beauty. Happy Thanksgiving!

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