MAC Makeup...OMG

Hey guys! First off- I was meaning to do a post/video on this long ago- but time kind of got away from me, i started making other videos and sort of forgot. But I'm doing this post now and I'll soon do a video so YAY!

Here goes... probably a month or so ago my husband and I took a trip to St. Louis for our 2-year anniversary to see a baseball game and do some fun stuff. Well one of those days we went to this super amazing mall where I had a couple of first-time experiences...


I know, you're probably saying- she has all that makeup and she's never been to one of those stores?! Well, I don't live near a mall that has one and St. Louis is like an hour and a half away and I just don't travel there super often. But since I knew we were going for our anniversary I made sure i knew where those stores were. IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! Sephora was like heaven for me. I mean you know how I like drugstore stuff, but i have my share of high end stuff and I could've spent hours there. I didn't have any pressing needs but I did pick up some Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, a new size of eyeshadow contour brush, and a cheap nail polish.

Guess what store was like two doors down? the MAC store. Before this trip I had NO PRODUCTS FROM MAC. Trust me, It's not because I don't think they have good stuff. I do heavily lean toward drugstore much of the time, and I also don't have a lot of access. I know I could make the purchase online as I do for some things, but I just hadn't. I didn't understand the foundation colors and knew if I got into eyeshadows I'd probably develop an addiction. But the store was there and I had to look around. I thought I could use a really good coverage powder or powder foundation for my on-air stuff, so I talked to one of the ladies there about it and she recommended Studio Fix for me and tested a color on me and told me I was NC40. She also told me since I'm in tv news I can apply for MAC Pro if I want... haha let's not go that far yet LOL.

Bottom line- I left the store tickled to death that I'd bought my first and only MAC product ever. After trying it now for a couple of weeks I'm also super happy with it. I may occasionally buy another mac product or two, I mean it's an expensive habit to have a ton! but it would make a very nice Christmas or Birthday present :) Do you have sephora or mac in your town? Don't take it for granted!

Have a great day!

Emily :D


  1. Glad you had a Great time in St Louis! I live about two hours away and I always look forward to a trip up there. I haven't been since last summer and the last time was a trip to the zoo. Before that was a conference with friends so I haven't been to the mall in ages!
    Enjoy your Beauty products!

  2. That's so great that you can quallify for a MAC Pro. You can save so much. I'm lucky enough to have a MAC Pro Store store near me and it's like a dream walking in there. Sephora is great because you can see and test so many brands. I know what you mean when you say you can spend hours there. Do you have an Ulta near you? That's a great one too.

  3. That's so exciting! We don't have a MAC store here. I'd really love to find a counter and find out what shade/color I am for the foundation.

    I found a site where I can get pigment samples, so I ordered about 10 or 15! It was pretty good price for MAC pigment samples! I can't wait to try out my VERY FIRST MAC products!!!!!

  4. wow! i went to sephora too the last time i went to US for vacation! didn't goin mac store though coz i was pretty sure i wouldn't be buying anything from there anyway. (:

  5. As a TV news anchor you can probably save up to 20-30 % in the US. I am a make-up artist from Germany and a MAC Pro Member as well. As for me, I am using a lot of MAC products but I make always sure to keep my eyes for several other products as well because you never know what skin the model has. I am mostly working in the field of fashion and beauty photography but I stand in for the key make-up artist at a TV station every now and then. That's where they are using mostly MAC, too. As for me and my work, I really like MAC, Kryolan and L'Oréal - especially the MAC eye shadows can make things a lot easier and faster because they blend really well and stay true to the color even in flash or TV lights. With the 40% off that I get as an make-up artist the brand isn't that expensive anymore. Just my quick thoughts... more rambling though... I am sorry.

    Best of luck with your TV career, Emily!


  6. i did that to! sephora and mac in the same trip for the first time!

  7. I'm a makeup addict as well and I have never been to a Sephora or MAC store either because the closest ones to me are about an hour away. And, like you, my heart will always belong to the drugstore, but I do have some high end things that I have ordered. My high end collection consists of MAC Soft & Gentle, MAC lipsticks in Plumful & Capricious, a MAC Lip pencil in Plum, two Estee Lauder lipliners, and a Cargo blush in Los Cabos.

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