Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Research!

Doing a little research here on news anchors for my own personal use. I would love your feedback on this so feel free to leave it as a comment or send me an email-- my address is

Here are my questions:

What do you like or dislike about news anchors (national/local) in terms of hair, makeup, clothing, personality, etc. Please cover as many of those categories as you can!

Next- why do you like or dislike those certain aspects you mentioned?

Our news director recently had us survey people in our viewing area on topics like our news coverage, delivery, content, etc- but I thought I'd love to hear from everyone on the other side of things. Thanks in advance for your participation!



  1. Good question, one of my all time favs is Dominique Sachse. is the link. I love her positive attitude and her hair is always different. Love it

  2. There is a news anchor at one of the local news stations here in Memphis that I think wears entirely too much makeup for TV. The coverage (heh, not the news!) is so heavy that, for me, it's more distracting to look when listening to her report the news.

    She's a good news anchor, just wish she'd tone down on the makeup. I think a news anchor/reporter should wear makeup that is a bit more natural-looking/flattering and not look like it's totally caked on.