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Hi Everyone! I have a question for you. You know those jumbo palettes- the kind at Wal-Mart or other drugstores that appear to be some sort of generic brand? They might be displayed in a train case or makeup bag, and may include a number of shadows, lip glosses, blush, etc. Here's the question- are any of these really any good? It has been years since I've had one of these sets that's typically sold around the holidays. I think a brand called "The Color Workshop" puts out some of them. If you've had experience with them- are they better/worse than other drugstore products? Are any particular sets worth buying?

Just so you have an example of what I'm talking about-- The one pictured below is called the "50pc Elegant Train Case Beauty Collection" on


  1. I don't know anything about these products, but here are my two suggestions.
    1) Maybe you could find a review on-line from ladies who have tried these products.
    2) Wait until after Christmas to see if these are clearanced out, purchase one, and write your own review.

    Okay thats my 2 cents. Keep up the great work on You Tube.

  2. i have a color workshop mini palette. erm. some of the dark eyeshadows are ok. but most of it don't show up at all.. i didn't like it..but i got it last yr maybe they have improved..

  3. I've had a palette from one of those companies and it was fine. I didn't use it with a primer or anything though, so I bet it would have been even better. But I didn't really have any major issues!

    You should get one and give a review! :D :D :D

  4. Hi Emily -

    First of all I would like to say that I discovered your blog and videos today from a member on who posted a link to your eyelash curling tutorial.

    I love love these type of all-in-ones. I've recently purchased a Oooh La Luscious Immaculate colour Kit by Amelia Knight of England with 6 quads of eyecolors - lip glosses, lipstick, polish and blush. Also got a round wheel-type one that contains 8 nail colors and 8 glosses. Also had to get the Sephora Blockbuster last year and the Ultra one this year. The colors all have names which I love! It's going to be my goto makeup item starting in January! Jasmine belle has a full line of these types of pallettes too. I've also gotten some Markwins and Colorwork ones. They come in such cute tote boxes! I find that most of these are of pretty good quality and have some nice pigmentation. I'm also a fan of Asian brands but that's a whole story for another day. LOL!

    Here's the link:

    I also have a huge stash of makeup and bath and body. I just had to purchase four Stanton carts to organize it all this year. LOL! But I like the budget brands too! I'm not too crazy for the high end items although I do owe some.

    Twice a year the members on emakeup have a Spring Fling Gift Exchange and we just had an E-Merry Make MeUP gift exchange too and we really go all out!

    Thanks again for all the lovely tutorials!!


  5. I also got a fantastically cute Ms. Makeup Beauty Book Palette from my Secret Santa. It's called Big Night Out - a 12-Pice Complete Makeup and Brush Set - it's shaped like a CD case! Love it!

  6. Most of the color work shop products don't "Wow" me, but I saw a train case full of makeup today at walmart that I fell in love with. It was burgundy faux-croc and opened to three tiers. I think my BF is going to get it for me. I personally don't care if the makeup sucks. It will be fun to try, but I REALLY want that case! lol.

    Anyway, as always (like you mention in so many vids) if the colors don't pack a punch, you can always use a mixing medium.

  7. I once got one of these sets from the kids that I babysat. This was probably around 10 years ago. The set was pretty fun. I think that with eye primer, they probably would've been a bit better.

  8. I really, really don't like those sets. I'm not a fan of the glosses, mascaras, eyeliners, brow pencils. The shadows CAN be ok.

    They drive me completely crazy, especially when I ask my family for makeup for Christmas and don't specify what types of makeup I want because then I end up with those and I regret putting makeup on my wishlist at all. :(
    Oh well, it's the thought that counts.


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