Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review: Remington Heated Clip Rollers

Hey guys! I wanted to do a review on a product I recently got as a Christmas gift from one of my sisters-in-law. I believe it cost around $30 and was available at Target or Wal-Mart. It's the Remintgon T Studio Collection Heated Clip Rollers!

Description & Claims:
This set of rollers contains 20 rollers in two sizes: 8 medium 1" rollers, and 12 large 1.25" rollers. The rollers appear to have a "slit" in them so they can sit on a heated bar. As the roller heats, so do the clips on them, which have ceramic heating plates. The whole set heats up in 90 seconds and it claims to set curls in 5 minutes. There is a place in the back to store the cord, and the rollers themeslves have "titanium tourmaline ionic conditioning". The set has a four year warranty, and prides itself in being the "World's First Heated Clips."

What I Like:
I love the amount of rollers you get and the fact that there are two sizes. I like to use the larger ones on the top layers of my hair and for my side bangs, and the smaller ones on the longer layers for more curl. Though I haven't used a stop watch on it, the set does heat up very quickly- I'd say 90 seconds is probably accurate (basically like many curling irons that heat up quickly). I totally agree with the fact that it will set your curls in five minutes- this is pretty amazing for a set of rollers!! I credit the heated clips for giving your hair twice as much heat as you use them. Also, I have very fine hair which is also layered, so it's often hard for me to wrap my hair around rollers and get all the ends to stay. The texture of the rollers is almost velvety and really clings to my hair without creating static- very easy to roll your hair up in these.

What I Don't Like:
There's honestly not a lot I don't like about these rollers. One thing that I was a bit worried about, and turned out to be a small issue is the fact that these clips- which clip basically all the way around the roller- can leave a bit of a dent on your hair near the roots. This is sort of hard to describe- but you want a roller to give lift directly from the roots- the tendency with these clips is to leave a little mark on the hair and that can cut down on lift. If you read on, you can see that this is correctable, and leaving them in for only five minutes or so doesn't give that dent much of a chance to set in. Another thing, the set is kind of large and would be difficult to travel with, but I guess that's to be expected with a 20 roller set.

How I Use the Product:
I roll my hair starting on the top layers with the large rollers, and then work my way to longer bottom layers with smaller rollers that give a tighter curl. I don't use any hair spray as I put in the rollers (I don't want to gunk them up), but I do use a curl enhancing protective spray by Thermasilk all over my hair before I get started. I leave them in my hair for between five and ten minutes and throughout that time I sort of shift the positioning of the clips on the top layers of my hair, just to lessen any dent that is forming. I generally have three rollers at my crown heading back, and then with my hair parted on the side- I go down each side (with the hair turning under). Once I take the rollers out, I use a product by Nick Chavez called Dry Volume Flocker (available on QVC) and just flip my head over to scrunch the curls. Then I *lightly* brush through them- and this tends to take care of any mark left on the hair by the clips. I'll usually pick up a section at the crown and back comb or tease it a little bit- and also tease the sides and then smooth it down.
In the picture on the top, I left the rollers in a bit longer (closer to 10 min.) Also, as I brushed it out- I did it so the hair made a bit more of a flip. Leaving the rollers in longer created more curl and makes my hair look shorter because there's just a little more lift. In the pic on the bottom, I definitely just left the rollers in for five minutes. You still get nice curl, but it isn't as tight. Also, when I brushed them out, I brushed the curls more individually as opposed to the hair as a whole. This makes it look a little longer and more like a flow of curl rather than one solid flip.

Overall Impression:
I really like this product, and I'd recommend it to someone who wants to give their hair a quick boost. Many people are under the impression rollers take too much time, so they go for a curling iron instead. I'm here to tell you- it takes far less time to roll your hair up in these than it does to stand around with a curling iron. (especially if your hair is long like mine). The heated clip concept makes it so these rollers create a curl faster than pretty much anything else. Once you brush it all out- the effect is great... lots of curl and volume. I would definitely recommend it!
♥ Emily


  1. Hi Emily!
    Just wanted to say hello here on your blog...I am a blogger as well...and I follow your tutorials on YouTube.
    Happy New Year to you and Tyler!

  2. Hi Emily! I was looking through some of your older blog posts and was wondering if you still use/like these Remington rollers or if you have something else to recommend instead?



  3. Emily.... I just bought these on your reccomendation (literally was in target looking up reviews on this and grabbed it when you gave it the thumbs up) and WOW! These things are amazing! Thank you so much I love how my hair looks! I never have time to do my hair in the morning but I can do my makeup with these in and be out fast and look all out together. I tend to do the small ones towards my face and the larger ones in the mid and back parts and love the effect. Thank you again!