Sneak Peek- My First Hair Tutorial!

Hey everyone! If you're familiar with my YouTube channel- you know I do a lot of makeup videos, but haven't really come up with a good way to shoot my hair videos. What I've recently come up with isn't ideal, but it will work in terms of showing viewers how to create a particular style. Assuming my internet connection cooperates, early this week I'll be posting my first step by step hair tutorial on how to do this half up-half down style...

It's a great dressy look that also keeps your hair out of your face! The style takes less than ten minutes! Just wanted to give you all a preview! Check my channel for the tutorial in the coming days...

Have a great week!

Emily :)


  1. Love it!! Love the color of your hair too. Do you dye it or is it natural?

  2. awww...sweetie...that's beautiful.



  3. Awesome! I love your hair looks... can't wait to see the tutorial. :)

  4. You by far has the best shine and volume always!!

  5. Super cute! Love the volume and shine.


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