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If you ever stop by my YouTube channel, you know I sort of like to "teach" my makeup techniques to the viewers. Well, when I'm not making videos, I'm also learning a lot from other You Tubers. So I thought I'd give you a short list of some of the other people I'm watching- and why you should check them out too! (note- there are many more who I love to watch- this is just a small list!) Who are some of your faves? Please share!

Julie has some AWESOME videos. She has a nice variety of makeup, hair, and nail vids, and she also does some nice editing on the videos, keeping them very clear and concise. She shares some gorgeous eye looks, and I love her strategy for creating french tips.

I love that she does reviews/hauls/tutorials on a lot of affordable products. She's so sweet, and does some really pretty looks. I also love watching her haul videos to see what things I might want to pick up next time I hit the drugstore!

She's one of the first gurus I started watching on youtube. I love the tutorials, and even though I use a lot of drugstore products, I trust her reviews of various high end items. She is the reason why I tried out the Everyday Minerals free sample kit! Her tutorials are well-lit and always easy to see and understand. She makes makeup look easy!

I would say Irene a.k.a. Pinkiecharm has the most beauty reviews on YouTube. It's truly her speciality. She must have one heck of a makeup budget because she's always purchasing new things- from drugstore to high end. Her reviews are thoughtful and complete. I've definitely made a few purchases based on her reviews. Also, if you are one that enjoys "Must-have" type videos- she does them monthly.

So next time you get on YouTube and don't really know where to start- hopefully this post gives you some ideas! Thanks for stopping by!


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