Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Makeup Must Haves!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking back in with my "blog in progress". I'm going to try to start incorporating more pictures, yay! Just so you know, the weddings this past weekend was great! So fun and I did the navy smoky eye as planned. Also, before I get started here, a shout-out to all my YouTube subscribers! I passed the 1,000 mark today and I'm thrilled! That's so cool that people are enjoying the videos, and if you haven't stumbled upon my site, check it out!

I've recently completed a four-part video series on YouTube called Makeup Must haves...

Part 1: Face
Part 2: Eyes
Part 3: Lips
Part 4: Brushes/Tools

These are geared toward those who've requested I do something like this on my favorite products, and also those who are just now building their makeup collection and want to know what basic products to include. They key word for this series is BASIC. I love tons of makeup products, and tons of different brands. But I wanted to condense this series to two concepts:

#1- the categories of makeup you should have (i.e. powder, blush, lipstick, etc.)
#2- Some suggested products in each category that I think are worth picking up.

As I said, there are many brands and specialty/glamorous products I love. But I'm trying to keep this simple and easy to understand. Thanks for all the great feedback on the site, and here's the link!


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Emily ♥

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weddings, Makeup, and More!

Hey everyone! So this weekend (June 7th) is my older sister's wedding! We are best friends. She's quite a bit older than me and when I was little I remember calling her "fun mommy"-- becuase that's what she was to me! She's also my best friend and she and Jeff are so happy together. My whole family and I just can't wait for the wedding.

♥My sister Kelly and Jeff!♥

As we all know, with weddings comes dresses, hair, and of course- makeup! The bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing is a beautiful shade of navy blue. I went ahead and created a smoky navy blue eye look to go with it! The products I used include:
-Mary Kay eye primer
-Revlon cream eye shadow (silver)
-Revlon cream eye sahdow (navy)
-Smashbox eyeshadow (pearly white shade)
-Sally Girl eyeshadow (navy) -available at Sally Beauty Supply
-Sally Girl eyeshadow (cinnamon)-also at Sally's
-Presige Liquid Liner in Azure
-Revlon colorstay pencil liner in black
-CoverGirl perfect point liner in Midnight blue
-DiorShow mascara
Enjoy the tutorial!

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