Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MAC Makeup...OMG

Hey guys! First off- I was meaning to do a post/video on this long ago- but time kind of got away from me, i started making other videos and sort of forgot. But I'm doing this post now and I'll soon do a video so YAY!

Here goes... probably a month or so ago my husband and I took a trip to St. Louis for our 2-year anniversary to see a baseball game and do some fun stuff. Well one of those days we went to this super amazing mall where I had a couple of first-time experiences...


I know, you're probably saying- she has all that makeup and she's never been to one of those stores?! Well, I don't live near a mall that has one and St. Louis is like an hour and a half away and I just don't travel there super often. But since I knew we were going for our anniversary I made sure i knew where those stores were. IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! Sephora was like heaven for me. I mean you know how I like drugstore stuff, but i have my share of high end stuff and I could've spent hours there. I didn't have any pressing needs but I did pick up some Too Faced Lash Injection mascara, a new size of eyeshadow contour brush, and a cheap nail polish.

Guess what store was like two doors down? the MAC store. Before this trip I had NO PRODUCTS FROM MAC. Trust me, It's not because I don't think they have good stuff. I do heavily lean toward drugstore much of the time, and I also don't have a lot of access. I know I could make the purchase online as I do for some things, but I just hadn't. I didn't understand the foundation colors and knew if I got into eyeshadows I'd probably develop an addiction. But the store was there and I had to look around. I thought I could use a really good coverage powder or powder foundation for my on-air stuff, so I talked to one of the ladies there about it and she recommended Studio Fix for me and tested a color on me and told me I was NC40. She also told me since I'm in tv news I can apply for MAC Pro if I want... haha let's not go that far yet LOL.

Bottom line- I left the store tickled to death that I'd bought my first and only MAC product ever. After trying it now for a couple of weeks I'm also super happy with it. I may occasionally buy another mac product or two, I mean it's an expensive habit to have a ton! but it would make a very nice Christmas or Birthday present :) Do you have sephora or mac in your town? Don't take it for granted!

Have a great day!

Emily :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Question of the Week!

I'm trying to do some new things with my YouTube channel... I think series and regularly featured things are fun because it gives people a reason to check back in and you have an idea of what I'm working on and what's coming. You may have noticed I've started a series called "Laying the Foundation" where I'll be showing different foundation application techniques... Now I've started a regular weekly feature called "Question of the Week!" I know, what an original title! haha

What gave me the idea was pretty much all the useful comments people post on my videos. I thought this would be a way people can share their insight on a given topic, and it would benefit everyone who regularly checks back in. Kind of like a discussion board! fun, right? This week's topic: Rubber Brush Mascaras!

I've got a few other regular features in the works, so keep checking in! Thanks for those who read my blog, I appreciate you!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everyday Minerals Web Feature

Good Saturday Morning to you!
I big thanks to one of my YouTube viewers who gave me the heads up that one of my videos has been posted on the Everyday Minerals website! There's a section called "community" and then a link to "video" and if you scroll through them, you'll find my review of the Everyday Minerals Sample Kit! This is just really exciting for me! It's interesting what their website does... there are many other great reviews posted in the video section.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

OH- I'm going to be posting a new series on YouTube- It's called "Laying the Foundation"... since I've gotten so many questions about foundation application I'm going to show what I do to apply it through different brushes/applicators and formulas. Other videos may be posted in the mimdst of this series- but it will continue throughout the next month or so!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Research!

Doing a little research here on news anchors for my own personal use. I would love your feedback on this so feel free to leave it as a comment or send me an email-- my address is

Here are my questions:

What do you like or dislike about news anchors (national/local) in terms of hair, makeup, clothing, personality, etc. Please cover as many of those categories as you can!

Next- why do you like or dislike those certain aspects you mentioned?

Our news director recently had us survey people in our viewing area on topics like our news coverage, delivery, content, etc- but I thought I'd love to hear from everyone on the other side of things. Thanks in advance for your participation!


Another Blog!

Hey beauty buddies!
For my TV news job I cover consumer news- things like scams, recalls, good buys, etc... For those of you who like shopping- this would be of interest to you! Anyway, I've set up a blog, partially made so I can easily check with my sources on the latest news- but also so I can pass along new information to viewers. Some of the things on it are specific to my viewing area in southern Illinois, but you still might want to check it out! You may also notice that since this blog is work related, I use my work email for it-- but if for any reason you'd like to contact me by email you can use both or I'll continue beauty related posts on this blog too!

Here's the address for the blog...

Thanks in advance for stopping by! :)