Bumpits Review!

Hey! What's up guys? Perhaps you've stumbled across my Bumpits headband tutorial on YouTube. Basically Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts... whether you refer to it as a pouf, bump, or height in your hair- you can get it with this set of five inserts you can use a number of different ways. They're made by a company called Big Happie Hair. I'm still learning about bumpits, but I will be posting tutorials on different looks once I feel I've "mastered" them. This may not be a tool I use in my hair everyday, becuase I don't necessarily want the look that bumpits give you on a daily basis. But that's the beauty of this set- it's temporary! You can take them out and put them in whenever you want!

As you can see- the set comes with 5 pieces- The largest bumpit is called the Super Volume Rockstar Bumpit. This one gives you a LOT of height, and probably isn't one I'd use often. Then you get two Classic volume bumpits. As you'll see in future tutorials, these can be used together for a great look. Finally, you get two Princess Bumpits for a small bump in your bangs. You also get a helpful instruction page showing you how to achieve different looks.

-PRICE: available for around 20 bucks on http://www.sallybeauty.com/
-Multiple sizes so you can use what's best for you- or any comination of them
-A variety of shades from Blonde to Black so they'll blend with your hair
-With a little bit of hairspray- they will STAY in! seriously! the little teeth grip onto hair
-You can produce SO many styles- just use your imagination!
-The style is really in right now- so you're able to be trendy but not breaking the bank
-A good thing for people who don't like teasing their hair
-Overall, easy to use
-Different hair types will handle these differently- so it may take some practice... for example a bit more teasing on fine hair
-Long hair worn down without any headbands or accessories may require two classic bumpits instead of one- so you don't get a "drop-off" appearance in the back. It needs to stay rounded with a nice shape.

Shown here is a headband look using one classic Bumpit. I've found it's one of the easiest styles to do!

UPCOMING TUTORIALS: I've done a basic headband look, but I plan to do other styles, like just natural hair down, half up, ponytails, side ponytails, front bump, updo's, etc. Keep checking back with my YT channel: http://youtube.com/emilynoel83 ... as you'll notice, bumpits may require a bit of teasing and hairspray- but they WILL stay in! Overally, this is definitely a product I recommend if you like the look of voluminous hair without a lot of extra work!

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  1. I suck at creating this look on my own, so this is great. Thanks for reviewing this, I'm going to look for it and give it a shot :)

  2. Very cool to see that they have these at Sally's. Thanks for reviewing them!

  3. Walgreen's has them in their "As Seen on TV" section for only $9.99!

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  6. I was so disappointed with the bumpits. I spent ten dollars on them at Walgreens so I suppose I got what I paid for, but what irritates me is that they say you never have to tease your hair again! BUT YOU DO. It says on the directions that you still have to tease your hair. I gave it a try anyway, followed the directions to a T and I had no better luck than when I just normally teased my hair. I wouldn't waste my money on it again.

  7. These look uncomfortable as all get out.


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