Monday, January 19, 2009

Caring for Your False Eyelashes

Hey guys! Hope all is well. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! After anchoring the morning news, I had the opportunity to report on an MLK memorial breakfast here in southern Illinois. There was so much excitement for this year's event with Barack Obama's inauguration right around the corner. It turned out to be a beautiful story about the hope MLK has created for this country.

In other news, which seems pretty trivial considering the paragraph above... I'm addressing some questions I received after posting my False Eyelash tutorial. How do you take the lashes off? How do you clean them? How long can you use them before throwing them out? I plan to answer those questions in this blog. Enjoy!


Once you're ready to take the lashes off, just get a light grip on the outer corner of the lash strip, and slowly and gently pull them off. The glue does not dry hard as a rock- it remains flexible so it will not pull or be painful. Keep in mind, when applying the lashes you want to get them as close to the lashline as possible without being ON the lashes themselves. This way when you remove the strip of lashes- you won't pull out any of your own. However If you do get some glue on your natural lashes- don't freak out. If you're gentle, you can still get them off without losing your own lashes.


To clean your false lashes, I recommend using the following items pictured above... Eye makeup remover (I use Rimmel), the container your lashes came in, some Q-tips, a tissue, and of course- the lashes you want to clean. I recommend cleaning them soon after your wear them. If you let them sit too long, the mascara on them can affect the shape and leave them brittle and mishapen. If you watch my falsies tutorial, you'll notice I recommend using mascara to blend the fakes with your own. Perhaps that's not your style... well I would still recommend cleaning them off with some eye makeup remover just for sanitation purposes.


As you can see in this extreme closeup, I use dark-toned glue on my lashes... it appears grey when it's wet, but it dries black. Before I start cleaning the lashes, I simply pull the glue from the lash strip. It remains flexible and somewhat stretchy- so just peel it right off. Once again, the key word is "gentle"... pull to hard and you could actually pull some of the lashes off the strip too. It's not rocket science, just don't get rough with it! :D


Now that your lash band looks like it did when you bought them, it's time to get that gunky mascara off the lashes. Here's how I do it- I dunk my Q-tip into my eye makeup remover, and then (on top of a tissue), I gently rub the q-tip over the lashes (moving in outward strokes from the band). You'll notice a lot of mascara residue collecting on the tissue. Once the lashes look and feel smooth, you're done cleaning them off! If the mascara seems to be particularly resistant, I'd suggest putting some remover on a cotton ball and then holding it for a few seconds on the lashes so it begins to break down the mascara... the lightly rub and it *should* come off.


It's a good idea to hold onto that case that the lashes came in. Otherwise I'm really not sure how in the world you'd keep them nice and neat. After a few uses they may not bond to that plastic like they originally did, but that's ok. They're safe in there! Plus it helps you remember what kind to go buy next time! (or what not to buy)



There's really no hard and fast rule that I can give you as far as a specific time frame that the lashes will be good for... There have been some sets that I've gotten 6 or 7 uses out of... that's becuase I cleaned them promptly after wearing, I was gentle when I cleaned them, I NEVER slept in them (this can cause them to get very mishapen), and I stored them in their container.

Some signs that it's time to toss them out? If they don't seem to have the same shape they did when you bought them. Note: sometimes as you wear lashes, the shape of the band slightly changes, becoming easier to place on your own lashes- this is a GOOD thing! Toss them out if: the lashes start falling off them you clean them, the outer lashes start pointing in a different direction, straying from the pack, if the lashes feel brittle and aren't straight & smooth, or if they look downright nasty and you don't want to wear them anymore!

Whew! this was a long blog, but I hope it was helpful. It's definitely some much needed info- and it's just as vital to know how to care for the lashes as it is to know how to apply them. Please don't hesitiate to let me know if you think I left something out!



  1. Hi, I love watching you on YouTube! =) Great refresher tips for keeping my falsies.

  2. Emily, which one and what brand do you recommend me to buy?
    i bought some with that branch is called Model but it seems like it's way too hard to apply.
    anyway, thanks for this entry and you have a wonderful day.

  3. I LOVE this blog and your false lashes video! I've never tried false eyelashes and have been curious about them, but I didn't know how to apply them or take them off and I assumed they were a one use thing so I learned a ton from this and your video.

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  5. Thanks emily- I needed the extra tips on cleaning my falsies! :)
    (xynephadyn utube)

  6. Thanks for the tips! I've wanted to try false lashes for a while now but they were so expensive for a one time thing. Now I know that I can get extra uses out of them.
    I will most definately be picking up some soon. Thanks!

  7. Fantastic cleaning and care tips! I LOVE falsies and have often wondered if I was cleaning them incorrectly but I see you you clean them the exact same way that I do (with Rimmel makeup remover and Q-tips)
    Thanks for taking them time to write out this blog post in so much detail.
    Loved your Youtube video on falsies too!

  8. Great tips, I really like how you clean off your lashes. I even posted a video about re-using lashes but I like your method better! Is it OK to soak the lashes in a shallow dish to let the adhesive and mascara soften?

  9. hey emily :) i wanted to ask if you dont put any mascara on your fake lashes do you still have to clean them? xx

  10. Thank you so much for doing the youtube vidio on the eyelash tutorial. I found your one was the best out of so many that I had watched plus doing this blog on how to care for them. As i am a flase eyelash virgin user. So now i feel ready to look for the ones you use and start practising.

  11. Wonderful information! Thanks so much Emily.

  12. Hi emily!im very intrigued to try one out!knowing now how to take care of them,thanks for the information love to follow you on youtube and here cyberhugs to you and more power!rozene from the phillipines

  13. Hi emily!im very intrigued to try one out!knowing now how to take care of them,thanks for the information love to follow you on youtube and here cyberhugs to you and more power!rozene from the phillipines

  14. Hi emily!im very intrigued to try one out!knowing now how to take care of them,thanks for the information love to follow you on youtube and here cyberhugs to you and more power!rozene from the phillipines

  15. I've used falsies for the past 6 years at least for dance competitions and every year I go through at least 3 pairs because I have rushed costume changes, etc, and I always misplace or rip them lol, but I like this method for cleaning them!

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