Celebrity Inspired Looks

Hey everyone! How's it going? I have to start this entry with a shout-out to my Mom, Jackie- it's her birthday today! Wow I'm so glad it's Friday. With all the wild weather we've been having- I've been having to wake up even earlier than usual to dig my Jeep out of the snow. I need a break! Tomorrow a couple of Tyler's sisters are coming down to visit so that should be fun! I'll have to post some pictures of our adventures in a future entry. Anyway- on with the blog...

I'm considering doing some celebrity-inspired looks. (either as FOTD's or tutorials)... It may not necessarily be copying the exact look on a picture- but just capturing the overall makeup style that the celeb uses...but who knows- sometimes it's easier to just duplicate what's in a picture. I'll also probably do a similar hairstyle. Anyway- I'm going to post a few pics of ones I'm considering, and I really want to hear your feedback- are there any others you think would be fun for me to try? I want to do whatever is your favorite! Comment, or send an email! beautybroadcast@hotmail.com

Kim Kardashian: Photo courtesy- Official Kim Kardashian website. I love this look! It's so clean, yet smokey and dramatic. I like the lip color almost as much as the eyes too.

Angelina Jolie: This look would include Angelina's signiture cat eye. The rest of the eye makeup and face would be pretty natural. I'd most likely use some lip plumper haha :)

Megan Fox: There's probably no way this look will come off the same way on me- my eye color is so much darker. Still, I love the lip shade and thick lashes- and her eyebrows are great too.

Ashley Judd: Quite often my YouTube viewers compare me to her- I'm not sure if I see it, but it's an awesome compliment! I love her hair here and the really soft but kind of smokey eye look.

Robin Meade: I couldn't leave out my TV News beauty inspiration- Robin! She's pretty much what I craft my day-to-day look after, but still- that's a look that may be interesting to some in a tutorial format. Part of what makes Robin so pretty is her personality :)

I look forward to getting your feedback on this- and then creating one or more of these great looks! Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. OMG that is such good idea...i would love to c either Kim's look or Ashley Judd's...

  2. heyy, i would lovve to see a tutorial on megan fox or kim khardashian, i looove them both, they are beautiful. or angelina jolie as well. you should just do them all :) you do makeup sooo good, i love your youtube channel.

  3. megan fox and kim k would be awesome!

  4. Ashley judd would be a great one to do! So gorgeous.

  5. I think you should have it be this Monday's question of the week so we can vote on which one we want to see next.

  6. Hi! I wish I would have seen that comment sooner and I would've made this the question of the week. Instead it's about valentines day... darn! oh well. Maybe I'll just do all of the celebrity looks :D

  7. HI Emily.. love your blog and videos!
    Didnt know if you knew but Kim K's lips are usually Nars' Turkish Delite!
    So pretty isnt it?!

  8. Hey I just discovered your blog via youtube. You really are so cute. Ashley Judd is the first person that popped in my head after watching your video...the eyebrows, eyes, lips...very similar. Anyhow, love the blog, love the videos.

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