The Evolution of "Party Hair"

Hey Guys!

These days I get about as many hair questions as I do questions about makeup. I got a lot of questions about the above look that was posted in my Pink & Black eyeshadow tutorial, so I thought it was important to address a style that has sort of become my signature look over the years. For lack of a better name, I'm calling it "party hair"- since that's sort of what it makes me think of when I look at it. Although it's a look that works for pretty much any occasion in my book. It's characterized by loose wavy curls and volume in the crown. Curls are generally directed back and away from the face- as if they were just blown back.
Now that I've come up with a ten minute way to do it just using a curling iron and hairspray- I thought it was high time to post a video about it! So I hope you get a chance to check it out. This is also a look I've done with rollers- and I'll have videos about that coming up soon as well. For now- here's a look back at the style that I've used SO much over the years...
Party hair really started back in college. Here's me and my best friend Beth after getting ready for our senior formal for our sorority. (shout-out to all the Pi Phi's out there!) Here there was more curl- but not necessarily so much volume, and I didn't work the side bangs so much.

Here's an example of more sleek party hair- very shiny and framing the face. Curls around the face are directed back- still not tons of heighth in the crown in this pic .

This is official party hair! haha. Lots of volume in the crown, utilizing the side bangs and sweeping them back. Natural and loose curls around the shoulders.
Here's party hair when rollers were used- curls are a bit tighter and there's more lift around the sides of the face. Rollers usually help the curl last longer in my fine hair.

A classic example of me using party hair at the office! Generally I pull half of it around when I'm on camera so there's not a whole ton of hair showing. Overall- a look that's dressy, sexy, and fun- but you can take the party anywhere you want!

Thanks so much for checking in with my blog- and I hope you'll see how I create "party hair" on my YouTube channel!

♥ Emily


  1. Thanks for sharing how you do this. How long does the volume last for you on a given work day and/or do you 'touch up' a lot?

  2. I don't usually need to touch up the volume- if anything, it's the curl that starts to go away. but an easy way to get more volume is to just tip your head upside down and then throw it back. works wonders!

  3. I LOVE the pink/black look! It's totally awesome. Do you have a tutorial for that? If not, you should so do one!!

  4. what a wonderful tutorial. You are incredibly gorgeous!


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