Free Makeup This Tuesday!

Hey guys!
So for my job- aside from anchoring- I tend to report on consumer-related issues... things like recalls, special deals, finances, etc... of course if I could report on purely makeup/hair related topics I'd be in heaven, but I can't. However, I always get really excited when something makeup-related is also a news headline. Today was one of those days!

On Tuesday, January 20th, several major retailers will be giving away $175 million worth of free high-end cosmetics as part of a class action settlement. It alleges stores planned to fix prices, therefore department stores such as Macy's and Dillard's will distribute free cosmetics next Tuesday on a first come, first serve basis.

The deal allows for ONE free product from one of the manufacturer defendants involved. A few of those include Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Clinique. The offer is available to shoppers who bought certain cosmetics between Spring of '94 and the summer of 2003. You don't have to show a receipt, but you will have to sign a form showing you've received only one free product.

For full details on this settlement, visit this link:

That was the news version up there... An additional detail that you'll find when you visit that link- the different brands have selected products that will be offered. So It's not like you can walk up to the Lancome counter and take anything you want for free... they have selected items you can choose from (I think they're valued at around 20-25 bucks.) Also, I believe you can only get one free item from ONE of the brands involved. So even though brands like Estee Lauder and Clinique are mentioned in the lawsuit- you can't get products from all the brands. So all in all, it's kind of a small thing, but hey, if you're watching your budget- one free item from the department store is a big deal!

Are you planning to take advantage of this offer? Please comment and let me know!
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!! :D
♥ Emily


  1. Thank you for posting such an exciting blog. I will definitely take advantage of this deal (if I can get off work for a minute). You are the greatest!!

  2. do you have to by a product first.. it just seems to good to be true lol

  3. You're supposed to have purchased a product between the dates I mentioned (which is a long span of time)- however you don't have to have a receipt to prove anything. so you're kind of on the honor system...

  4. It sound like a good thing to get free makeup and I am always up for that! but I wen't on the website and saw that this is only for US residents(unless I read wrong)and I live in Canada :( anyways i hope that you will enjoy the free makeup while it last....Oh and by the way love your blog there realy helpful to me and I want to say thanxs


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