Makeup When You're Sick...

Hey guys!
So for the last few days I've been a bit under the weather. I had a cold, which sort of turned into the flu and I'm hoping that it's finally getting out of my system. Anyway, It has just caused me to think the past few mornings about how doing your makeup when you're not feeling your best is a lot harder! I think I have a previous post talking about how to look *AWAKE*, but here are a few things I've been doing to look not only awake, but HEALTHY- when I'm really not... (Also- I'm showing just a few random products to give you some ideas. Lots of other things would work too- these are just some examples).

*Throw on some sunless tanner & sunless face tanner the night before. Makes you look a bit more revived in the morning when you'd otherwise look kinda pale and blah

shown here: Nivea Sunkissed Firming Moisturizer, Dove Energy Glow, L'oreal Sublime Bronze, L'oreal Sublime Bronze for Face, Olay Touch of Sun for face, Skin Drench Daily Radiance Sunless Tanner for Face.

*Definitely use some blush and bronzer. I notice that if I'm sick- the color just isn't there in my face as much.

Shown here: Wet & Wild Mega Glo in Catwalk Pink, Rimmel blush in Peach, Milani Sunset Duos in Sunset Breeze

*If you're struggling to make your eyes look lively- focus the attention of your makeup look on your lips! Unless they're super chapped, lips don't generally suffer that much when you're sick.

Shown here: NYX Round Lipstick in Doll, Bath & Body Works Liplicious lip gloss in Raspberry Jam, Jane Lipkick Lipstick in Superstar

*In my opinion, everyone looks better with curled lashes and mascara! Don't skip this step :D

*Shown here: Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara & ELF Eyelash Curler

*Since you may not have a ton of energy- try to streamline your makeup process so you're not sitting there forever when you don't feel good.

I'm a firm believer in the thought that when you look better, you feel better. I think this applies when you're sick. We all have those days where we could lay around on the couch forever, and some days, maybe we should. But if you have a little energy and want to make yourself feel a bit more alive, just throwing on some simple makeup can lift your spirits!

Have a great day everyone! Friday is almost here!

♥ Emily


  1. Feel better, sweetie!! All of the tricks that you mentioned are fast, easy, and effective!!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on your youtube video! I felt so flattered :-). I have a youtube account and I subscribe to you (beautyexpert21), but I have no videos or anything under my profile. I watch you always though!!

  2. you definitely made me want to try those products from sally's- your review was really helpful! I had been using the Dove stuff already and love that too :)

  3. Which face bronzer is your fav??

  4. Milani sunset duos is probably my favorite bronzer... for more favorites scroll down and check the 2008 Emily Awards :)

  5. oh i meant face lotion bronzer lol sorry. I have jergens natural glow face.. It's not that great :(


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