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Hi everyone!

If you regularly check my YT channel- you probably saw my recent video about a new line of mineral makeup currently available online- it's called Heartbreaker Cosmetics. My YT friend Susan owns the company and sent me some samples... below are some swatches on my arm of the colors used in the video, as well as some others she sent.

Left to right: Love Junkie Eyes in Crazed, Forever Love Eyes in Forever, Forever Love Eyes in For Keeps, New Love Eyes in Sparks, New Love Eyes in Puppy Love, New Love Eyes in Sweetheart

(I also received a foundation and a finishing powder- but haven't used them yet.) Of those shadows- a couple of my favorites are "Crazed" and "For Keeps". Crazed comes from a collection with a bit more sparkle, and when used in the crease it creates a warm halo around your eye. The For Keeps shade is a pretty plum. I often love plum shades, but this is an especially nice countour that manages to look quite natural. Those lighter shimmery shades are great too- and don't come off as sheer as you might think.
I often find it challenging to counteract fallout when you're using a loose powder shadow (when little bits fall onto your cheek/below the eye). But these blend quite easily and created a very soft look. But- the line also has some really bright shades too- so if you're looking for some colorful mineral shadows (which are hard to find in stores)- check out the website!

After a day of wear- I found that the shadows had excellent staying power. (keep in mind I did use a primer as well as L'oreal HIP Shadow Paint underneath). Still- I didn't have creasing and the color remained on my eye. These shadows are interesting because they're so lightweight but have amazing color. I think the lack of heaviness to the shadow keeps it from creasing and/or flaking off. Check out my tutorial for a natrual eye look you can take anywhere featuring the Heartbreaker Cosmetics Mineral Shadows!

Colors Used in this tutorial: Lid- Sweetheart, Outer crease- For Keeps, All over crease/contour- Crazed, Brow bone highlight- Puppy Love

Have a great day and thanks for watching!!



  1. Hi!

    just wanna leave a comment cuz i really enjoy your videos and definitely love the fact that you use drugstore/affordable priced items! at least now i can refer to your reviews or videos for recommended items which doesnt cost an arm and a leg :P

    i first started watching your video where u did an eyemakeup with a single coastel scents angled brush and i think its super neat! so that brush is definitely on my list of things to buy in 2009! :D

    thanks so much for your reviews and tutorials :)


  2. I bought the ferroli kombi servisi same Laura Gellar "coffee" TSV from QVC lg klima servisi that you have and I am seriously at a loss for what klima servisi to do - how to apply- the eye shadow that came with it. WIll you do a tutorial? Also, I see that almanya sohbet Mally has a TSV coming in January. I want to try her concealor. Do you have any specific tips for Mally products? kombi servisi Thanks!!The colours are stunning, so shimmery and pretty. They really suit your complextion. :)
    Great job, I loved reading webmaster forumları your blog I know Barely Beige was a limited edition color. Do you know any place you can order it from? Or if they will bring it back or a similar shade? I really want that shade! webmaster forumu Thanks for the tutorial. I was considering this palette!I received this palette yesterday vaillant kombi servisi as I won it in a giveaway and plan on doing this look in the near future ;) love it! Do a vid on this palette! :


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