Paint Brushes for the Face? Oh yes!

Hey everyone! Well I made it to work today! Definitely needed to kick the jeep into four wheel drive to make it out of the driveway, but got to work safe and sound. We had several inches of pure sleet... so pretty much every school and business was closed. It was kind of exciting during the newscast though!

So in this entry I wanted to tell you about the Loew Cornell brushes. They're art brushes, available at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and some varieties can even be found at Wal-Mart. They're very inexpensive, but thanks to a number of makeup gurus on YouTube... I've realized they can be great for applying makeup (primarily eye makeup) and even compare to some high end brushes from brands like MAC! omg.

The brushes that have often been recommended are these with the light bristles. They're known as Maxine's Mop brushes. The handles are quite long, but are a pretty shade of purple. The bristles are also very soft! I'll just go from left to right and tell you what each brush can be used for...

3/4 Maxine's Mop: This is a really unique size... I don't have any makeup brushes of this size, but I find that it's nice for setting your under-eye concealer with if you like more full coverage. It's just the right size to fit under your eye while taking care of a large amount of space at once.

1/2 Maxine's Mop: This brush can function as a large eyeshadow brush. It can give you a nice all over wash of color. If you like to lay down a light neutral shade from lid to brow bone before you start blending in deeper shades, you'd enjoy this brush.

3/8 Maxine's Mop: I like using this brush to pack on color all over my lid. It's a great size for doing that and the slightly rounded shape makes it easy to sort of push the color up into the crease as well. Great when blending one color into the next on your lid.

1/4 Maxine's Mop: This is probably my favorite brush of the bunch. After I put a color all over my lid, I'll use this to maybe pack on a darker shade on the outer half of the lid, or to help me create that outer V shape. It can also be nice for dragging color under the eye for a smokey liner look.

Next I want to tell you about the brown nylon brushes sold in packages. These are also quite affordable, and you get a variety of shapes and sizes. There are different sets available, but generally some would make great liner brushes, others might be nice for cream shadows. Overall- these brown nylon brushes work well for cream-based products, whereas the Maxine's Mop brushes are nice for powders. However-- the flat brushes in this brown set are good for packing on and controlling loose shadows.

The brushes below are the ones I've gotten the most use out of. I've often used the one on the left (the #6) either to apply a cream shadow base, or to apply a loose shadow wet with a mixing medium. These nice flat brushes can really control the color and pack it on. The more squared-off brush (the #8) can once again be good for packing on a loose shadow, or creating a more angular effect with the shadow. I'm not saying the Maxine's Mop brushes can't handle loose shadows, but these very flat brushes used with a "patting" technique can place the shadow on the eye with more control, minimizing fallout that can be created with a rapid back & forth motion.

Pricing Note: These may sell for slightly different prices depending on where you pick them up. I found the Maxine's Mop brushes at Hobby Lobby for 2 or 3 bucks for the smaller brushes, and 6 bucks for the biggest brush... however they often have half off sales- and I got them all for half price. I found the 10 brush set at Wal-Mart for just a few dollars! SWEET!

Have a great day!!
♥ Emily


  1. Great post! This is really informative - think I might go and check out my local craft store - we have a really big one here in the UK called hobbycraft and I know in the past when I've looked for art brushes there they have some great ones, So I'll check them out - has to beat paying so much at Mac! xxx

  2. Hey Emily:

    I was just wondering if u have tried Ecotools brushes?? THEY R AMAZING!!! i have most of them and i have yet to be disappointed...even if they do not work for what they r marketed (hence the concealer brush in their mineral travel set works as a eye shadow brush)...I am in love with them...and best of all? The prices r between 4-11 and they r sooo eco friendly!

  3. You can also cut a brush, using manicure scissors, to whatever shape you need. A cheap makeup brush set worth checking out is at Meijer for about $7.99 called Studio M - they are excellent quality and each end of the handle has a different brush and they're marked for what they are for - smokey and shadow, eyebrow and smudge, conceal and touchup, duo eyeliner. It's like getting 8 brushes altogether.


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