Question of the Week Makes a Comeback!

Chances are you've noticed the Question of the Week feature on my YouTube channel. The last one I posted was actually sometime before Christmas. Therefore I've had some questions about what happened to it and why I haven't continued doing it... Well, on my YT channel each question would generate somewhere in the ballpark of 350 to 400 responses if not more, so it took a really long time to tally up all the responses.

Thanks to some of my lovely blog readers, the Question of the Week will continue to happen! It was suggested that I just use the poll feature on my blog to do the QOTW, that way it will total it up on it's own and then I can post some sort of video on that particular topic once that week's question is finished. I have it set so the poll will close on Sunday night, so if you answer before then, your vote will count! Just scroll down a bit and look for the poll on the right hand side of this page.

Thanks for your cooperation, and happy Monday!!



  1. Completely unrelated to the QOW but i love your blog and your videos! You inspired me to do some reviewing on my blog so thank you!

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