Question of the Week: Pink & Purple Wins!

Hey guys! OMG I don't know if you're having bad weather where you are- but southern Illinois is supposed to get POUNDED with snow/sleet/ice tonight and tomorrow... eek! I just hope I'm able to get to work safely. During times like this, the weather person always says- "I'd just recommend staying indoors, don't get on the road." But of course because the news is what I do- I HAVE to go to work... oh well. I have four wheel drive. LOL.

Anyway... This past week's Question of the Week asked you guys what colorful eye tutorial you'd like to see me do. The pink/purple look won... followed by green, gold/orange, and blue. There were a total of 369 votes! Holy cow! I'm not posting an all out FOTD of the look on here, because I showed all the products I used in my video... that and my camera battery is charging and I sort of need to get this posted now.

I used both my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette as well as matte shades from my Coastal Scents 78 palette. I outlined everything in my description box on my YouTube channel: SUPER fun! Even if you don't have these exact shades, you can duplicate the look and alter the intensity! If you like a colorful pink look- try this out! If you like a more smokey pink look- try the Party Pink & Black FOTN below!

Have an awesome day!
♥ Emily

OH- and answer this week's question about what you look for in a mascara... for the results I'm going to do an extra fun recommendation video!


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