Too Faced World Domination Beauty Box

How are my wonderful readers? Is it cold where you live? It's not too bad today in southern Illinois- but tomorrow and Friday it's supposed to get SUPER cold. eeek! I feel so informed about the weather since our morning show is an hour and a half long so I hear about a zillion weather forecasts during that time haha.

Anyway... in a recent YT video, I did a tutorial/review on the Too Faced World Domination Backstage Beauty makeup kit. The only things I focused on were they eyeshadows (since it was an eyeshadow tutorial). Overall- I thought they appeared so pretty in the box- but they weren't nearly that colorful on my eye.... don't worry though- all is not lost! The beauty box is full of other things that I've tried since that review-- blush, bronzer, highlighter, and lip color! And those things are all AWESOME!

This is what the box looks like all opened up. There's actually a little mirror in the lid and that little Marilyn Monroe looking figure spins around- it plays music like a music box! Plus all of the palettes lift out so you could actually use this as a jewelry box when the MU is all gone. I think the overall packaging is absolutely adorable- and the box looks so cute in my makeup area! Definitely an extravagant looking kit!

First off- for the most complete info on the eyeshadows, check out my youtube channel and look for the Too Faced eye tutorial. It's like a review and tutorial in one! See the vibrant purple & teal shades in that palette? If only they looked close to that good on my eye! They really just look sort of bland. I mean it's not like you're going to look bad if you wear those shadows- it's still a decent look! Just not nearly that bold. The lighter colors in that palette are better in terms of color payoff.

The blush is gorgeous! OMG- I was sort of wondering after trying the shadows what the rest of this palette would be like- but WOW- this is the Too Faced I know and love! It's a peachy pink shade that I don't think any skin tone can go wrong with. Two thumbs up! very very pretty blush :D
On the left in this pic is the highlight shade. It's a light golden peach. A little goes a long way, so don't feel like you need to load up your brush by any means! It's nice to use on the top of your cheekbones, under the brow as a brow-bone highlight, or just an overall nice contrast to any contouring you do. As for the bronzer- it's two tones- and the darker one is still quite light- but it will work perfect for fair skin and brings a nice warmth to medium skin like mine too. Reminds me of the bronzer in one of my Too Faced Quickie Chronicles palettes- like it a lot! :D
These just may be the star of this whole beauty box. I really like Too Faced lip glosses and these are no exception. There are a couple of pink shades in there that are absolutely OUTSTANDING! I don't think I've ever liked light pink on my lips as much as I did when I tried these. The texture is perfect- creamy and only slightly sticky- just enough to stay on your lips and not run outside the lip line. WOO HOO for this part of the box! love it! :D :D
This beauty box was a birthday gift from my sister. She is so thoughtful and one of my favorite people in the entire world. Not just for getting me awesome gifts- she's just a wonderful friend and has supported me throughout everything in my life. I love you! :)
Thanks for reading this blog!!
♥ Emily


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