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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! If you haven't seen videos from me in a few days there are a couple of reasons why... I'm still learning about my camera and editing software, and also my parents were down for a couple of days- my dad had a workshop down here and he and mom were able to come watch one of my newscasts live in the studio! It was awesome.

I've had some questions about my makeup in the most recent videos- (2-9 haul, qotw valentine's makeup) thanks for all the kind comments! My face makeup has been the same as what I've had on in many of my recent videos, but I believe the new camera picks up on color better and makes my face look more like what it truly looks like- i.e. the color shows up better. So for a quick refresher, here are the face products I've been using:

-Rimmel Lasting Finish or Stay Matte foundation (both are the EXACT same shade-Soft Beige so they look very similar)

-Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Natural + Corrector in Bisque

-Mary Kay Loose powder

-Milani Sunset Duos bronzer (shades vary- but I use the matte tan shade in the duos)

-Cover Girl Cheekers blush in Golden Pink (contour)

-Milani Minerals Blush in Mai Tai (apples of cheeks)

As for the eye makeup- I've been experimenting all week with the MAC stuff I recently bought (posted product pics in a recent blog post, there's also a haul video about it). I've discovered that the look I've been using is EXTREMELY long wearing. When you see me in those videos, that's me at the end of my day (I anchor morning news and get up far before the crack of dawn). I haven't touched up at all before doing these videos and I feel the eye makeup has been holding up GREAT. Here's how to get the look!

1. Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance All Over lid (I've decided this is better than Mary Kay eye primer)
2. Smooth MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot all over lid (I think this is a big key to the long-wear aspect)
3. Apply MAC's Naked Lunch shadow all over lid
4. Apply MAC's Sketch (a brownish-plum) in crease, concentrating on outer "V"
5. Use Cover Girl's Golden Sunrise for a light wash of golden color under brow bone
6. Use MAC's Naked Lunch right under the highest part of your arch for extra highlight
7. Line top lashline with Femme Couture Mineral Effects liquid liner in Brown
8. Line halfway in on the bottom lashline with Revlon Colorstay pencil liner in Black-Brown
9. Line the rest of the lower lashline with Sketch shadow, using an angled liner brush
10. Curl lashes, apply one coat of L'oreal Lash Out mascara, then use Salon Perfect lashes (the ones that are to be applied only out the outer half of your lid- makes a nice cat eye look). Apply one more coat of Lash Out to blend real & falsies together.

*FYI... I shot a video on this, and then once I loaded it into my editing program, I accidentally deleted it. like I said before, I'm still learning! LOL. I'll likely try to shoot this again though, since I think it's a valuable tutorial for those looking for a nice long-wearing shadow look.

Have a great weekend everone!


  1. Glad to see you updating your blog and thanks for listing the products you have been using. sorry your having trouble with your camera. just curious are you going to be purchasing any mac face products?

  2. Hi! I actually have MAC Studio Fix powder. I'm not totally wowed by it but I do use it occasionally for work. if anyone has any recs on MAC face stuff- let me know!

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  4. Love this look. I know this was back in 2009 but can you recreate this look on youtube with drug store brought eyeshadows. I'm korean and it is so hard to have eyeshadow look good on my eyes. thanks


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