The Next Generation of Beauty Bloggers?

when can we expect that plastic lipstick review??
I thought you'd all get a kick out of this.... This is my niece Ashley! She'll turn 3 years old in April and my brother posted these adorable pictures of her on his Facebook page. My mom told me she has some pretend makeup she likes to play with- and as you can see by the lineup of Lip Smackers on the counter- she's starting to build her real collection! LOL :) It's funny how I just posted that blog about teen makeup... perhaps I should gear something toward 3 year olds? Just kidding!! I just think these pictures prove that makeup can be fun at any age- and it looks like little Ashley is a girl after my own heart!
that looks like pretend eyeshadow I used to play with :)

looks like the lip plumper is doing it's job!

Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. Awwe! How cute! My 8 year old daughter has a pretty big makeup collection going on as well! LOL!

  2. ohhhh this reminds me of my first makeup was that Tinkerbell stuff, I remember it had nail polish that you could peel off your fingernail in one piece!

  3. Oh I had that peel off nail polish too! haha :D

  4. aww. cute. I remember having the tinkerbell makeup that someone else mentioned!!!! I have a 6month old daughter and my husbands already dreading her future makeup collection, if its anything like mine LOL

  5. Aww, she's a cute little bean. Definitely following in auntie's footsteps it seems.

  6. aaaw what a cutie! I still have my plastic toy makeup in the attic that i loved playing with from when i was little, hehe! :P

  7. I must have had the same plastic lipstick! I remember it being bright red in a pale pink tube. I would try to rub it on so hard that my lips probably did turn more red! :)

  8. Ashley and i have the same Hello Kitty balm LOL
    Actually i think suggestions on skin care for your youngsters is a great idea
    My 3yo used to (and still) reminds me that we need hats glasses and the sunssreen for long outings.. And NEVER forgets the hat :)

    Looking forward to the forum this afternoon <3


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