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Hey everyone!

As you've probably read... I recently bought a couple of MAC eyeshadows. So far, I've been extremely impressed with the texture, staying power, and blendability. I just find that they're really easy to use and are also quite buildable... it's no wonder there is such a following for MAC shadows! So it's lead me to wonder- what makeup do I already have on hand that is most similar to these great MAC shadows? In my opinion, my NYX shadows are pretty darn close! (the trios run around 5 or 6 bucks at http://www.cherryculture.com/ )

Now keep in mind- I only have a couple of MAC shadows, but I still feel I'm fairly accurate in my comparison to NYX. The NYX shadows are soft, blendable, and highly pigmented. They cost much less and are available in singles or trios. There is a very wide range of shades, and lots of variation in terms of shimmery, matte, and glittery shades.

I just wanted to show you the NYX products I have, and also ask you- have you tried both MAC nad NYX? How would you compare them? Do you think they're somewhat similar or are there major differences? Or is there some other more affordable shadow out there that is a lot like MAC? Please share! As always, feel free to comment, or shoot me an email: beautybroadcast@hotmail.com

Have a great day everyone!

Here are my only singles: Burgundy Pearl & Cherry.
I love using burgundy pearl to fade out a darker crease shade- giving it a warm pinkish halo effect.
Trio in Golden, Rust, and Walnut Bronze.
This is one of my favorite trios! I love all of these shades and the Walnut Bronze color works great in lots of different looks. The whole thing is gorgeous for fall- or anytime!
Trio in Shimmer, Peach, & Copper
If you like really warm tones on your eyes, this set is for you. Shimmer is a great highlight shade, and Copper is actually a bit more reddish than it appears in this picture. Nice for a change of pace in the crease if you're used to deeper colors.
Trio in White Pearl, Silver, & Charcoal
This is another favorite of mine. The whole kit is nice for a soft grey smokey eye. Charcoal is my favorite for deepening the crease on any more colorful look. SO easy to blend.
Trio in Nude, Taupe, & Dark Brown
This was the first NYX trio I ever purchased- I had found it at my local Big Lots when they were doing a huge drugstore closeout sale. These colors are very comparable to those in the Coastal Scents Neutral palette. I must say that the "dark brown" color is much more like a medium brown- definitely not super dark at all. A great trio to have in your collection if you like really natural looks.

Trio in Lake Moss

Unlike many of the NYX trios- the individual shades in Lake Moss are not named. I don't know why this is, but that's just what the label says on the back. These are three GREAT crease shades. I actually did a video tutorial on how to use these awhile back. I'm convinced that the third shade has a slight, slight hint of green to it in person.

Trio in Frosted Lilac, Pacific, and Kiwi

This trio is like the little pastel cousins to Lake Moss up above. I just realized this, but you could do awesome looks pairing the light shades with their dark counterparts! The lilac would look nice with the dark purple, and the light blue and dark blue would be a great pair as well. And how cool would Kiwi look with that charcoal shade?! OMG- I sense a tutorial coming on.... :D


  1. Thanks for posting this up. I've thought about getting the NYX trios sometime but didn't really know which on to get. This really helped!

  2. I have heard from YouTubers and bloggers that the NYX single shadows are more pigmented than the ones from the trios. Do you agree with that? Thanks for your input! :)

  3. interesting! I guess until i get the exact same shade in a single that is also in a trio I won't be totally sure- but that's interesting. from what I can tell- they all have a pretty similar forumlation but I'll have to post again if i notice something :D thanks!

  4. This is an excellent comparison! I was really into NYX long before I was into MAC. I figure NYX was an inexpensive option, that would be pretty comparable, but when I tried MAC is was all over. I absolutely love MAC now, but still want to use my NYX. This post really got me jonesin' to pull my NYX back out. Now only if i can get those trios open(some of them are extremely hard to open)!

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  6. After i saw one of your past videos on youtube i purchased some nyx trios and i love them. I do have two singles (cream cheese and volcano) I am getting ready to purchase some more trios. im depoting them and putting them in my 15pot empty palette from costal scents. (it just makes it easier for me to have them all in one place.) But i havent had any problems with there staying power at all. I love them. I cant afford mac so this works best for me. id rather have alot of cheaper shadows then just a few pricy ones.

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  12. sorry about all the same posts dont know what happened :)O

  13. i have them both, but i love Mac little better. they both good stuff. but mac shadow color better. same blue color but mac more pigmented (in my opinion).

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  15. As much as I love MAC, I'm not one who has to have everything MAC, I think there are a lot of other great brands out there and sometimes you can find real gems at the drugstore. I think what people like about MAC is the consistent quality and the variety of colors, and even though they might be more expensive than drugstore items, they are still a lot cheaper than any other high end brand IMO. I have a couple NYX shadows that I use on a pretty much regular basis, I have some I don't care for at all because they're not that pigmented -- it's hit and miss just like with every other brand.

    If it's something I'm going to use for a long time, I invest in MAC, I just know I will get great quality eyeshadows with great staying power.

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  17. I just want to add that if i could afford MAC im sure i would buy some of there products but for now nyx works for me. One day i'll own some MAC LOL

  18. Is the Trio in Nude, Taupe, & Dark Brown matte or shimmery? If both, which shade is shimmery or matte? Thx a bunch!

  19. Please continue to focus on affordable brands! That is why I love your channel. So many other people use only MAC products and you are the one who helps me learn about more affordable products which are great quality!

  20. personally... I've tried a handful of trios from NYX and a few shadows from Mac and I do see a slight difference... and im only a beginner...
    With NYX you have to really PACK on the colour at least twice for it to look decent, whereas with my MAC shadows i only need to apply a little.. also, after depotting NYX shadows I found them to my half the size of MAC... I don't know if its just mine but yeah...
    1/2 the size and they aren't cheap where i live, so i prefer Mac :)

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  22. Nyx is definitely my new number 1 brand..the quality is great and at least this one is CRUELTY FREE which I think every one should think about before buying any products.

    Great palettes and I am checking this out and probably getting some for me ehhehe :D


  23. Have you found that the NYX eyeshadows don't work well with the Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer?

    I was psyched to try NYX as I've heard it compared to MAC as a drugstore dupe/equivalent. But the NYX disappears off my eyelids before the end of my work day when I use the two together, but when I use the Palladio primer with other eyeshadows (such as Cover Girl) I have no problem. For reference, the NYX trios I have are (golden/rust/walnut bronze and in the woods)


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