Yay for Makeup and Beauty Blog!

Hey guys! Just thought I'd take a moment to recommend what I believe is a super helpful beauty website. It's called Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen (pictured at left- photo courtesy M&B Blog) has such a creative way of writing her entries- they're very entertaining! Not ony that, but she posts some super helpful videos on her site (I believe they go straight to her site, not YouTube).
Another thing I enjoy is that while Karen covers a range of high end items, she doesn't forget the drugstore! I continually check with her blog, and am intrigued to read entries- even about products I don't necessarily care tons about- just because her writing is funny & entertaining. Also, the videos she posts are very very brief, usually covering only one small concept at a time... and I think that's something I can learn from. Obviously I can't condense my tutorial that much- but if I'm just giving a helpful tip- short videos can be more convenient for people to watch.
Anyway- if you get a chance- stop by Makeup and Beauty blog. The website address is http://makeupandbeautyblog.com/
Have a great day!


  1. She is ok, but I love you and your reviews better. Now...especially now, we need to be budget minded, and she is way out of my budget. I like BOGO.

  2. you are wayy better.. and i also agree with elena in that we need a budget!! at least i do...

  3. I love Karen too! She is so funny.

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