Coastal Scents Color Combos!

Hey friends! How are you? Hope your week is getting off to a great start. Above is a pic of a look I did over the weekend- I honestly did the eye look in only a few minutes- didn't have time to shoot a full video tutorial- but I used th new Coastal Scents 42 Color Double Stack Shimmer Shadow & Blush set. For pics of that palette, check out my post from a few days ago. I used pink shimmer, purple shimmer, and a hint of black shimmer to deepen the crease. Then I used black pencil eyeliner and went over it with the purple shade to get that pretty purple liner look. I also used a combination of pink shimmer & matte blush shades- love the way that turned out!

I was experimenting with some swatches today to get some ideas for new and creative colorful looks- check out some color combos from both the shimmer AND matte palettes below! As always, for more details visit


42 Double Stack Shimmer Palette
As you can see, the pigmentation is fantastic! I didn't even use a base for any of these. I really wasn't trying to blend them like I would on my eye, just kind of swatching them side-by-side so I can see what they'd look like together. I love that bold purple and green- reminds me of sort of a peacock look! Also- the baby blue and light pink combo is AWESOME- in certain light- the point where they overlap looks like a shade of purple- I LOVE that!! Also the shimmery gold and brown proves you can rock the neutral looks with this palette! Yellow and red would look great with orange in the middle I think. I love that rather than being extremely sparkly- these shades are gorgeous and metallic!

42 Double Stack Matte Palette
The matte shades are somewhat of a new experience for me. It seems like shimmery colors are just more common. However- I'm very excited to crank out some great tutorials. The one on the top left with reddish brown and red reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry. And for summer- how cute would the yellow and turquoise look? The black paired with sea-foam green is pretty- I think it would be fun to take such a pastel shade and deepen it up with that rich black. And who doesn't love purple and pink? That combo would be the matte verison of the look I showed you at the top of the post :D

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and look for upcoming tutorials on these great new Coastal Scents palettes!! :D


  1. Those are some pretty combos! Testing the colors on the back of your hand is a great way to test what colors go well together. I love the look of the shimmer palette. That green/purple and blue/pink looks are nice. You should do a tutorial of how someone could wear those bright bold looks and have it look alright. It seems that it might be difficult to wear those shades.

  2. I loooooove the purple make up! You HAVE to do a tutorial about it, please! and you know what? I GOT MY COASTAL SCENTS 88 piece make up palette and ultra shimmer 88 eye shadow palette :D I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

  3. wow the swatches are amazing :)

  4. Wowza! Talk about pigmentation! Gorgeous colors and love the purple look!!!

  5. I absolutely love the shimmery purple and green combo..that looks like a peacock inspired look.

  6. You make up looks so gorgeous! I love your eyebrows, by the way!

  7. those colors are gorgeous. a little bold for my liking but im willing to try new things. cant wait to see a tutorial. :)


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