Polka Dot French Tip Nail Design!

Hey guys! I was feeling ambitious this afternoon and decided that not only would I do a french manicure, but I'd add a few bells and whistles to it as well. I didn't really have a plan going in, otherwise I might have done a video on this, but I sort of built the concept as I went. It's definitely not perfect, but it's the type of thing I might be able to improve on the more I do it. Creative nail designs are sort of new to me :) But I love how this one looks!

  • Apply one coat (or two) of a pinky-nude french manicure shade. I used Rimmel French Manicure in French Rose
  • Apply a white shade to the tips of your fingernails. Shown here- Orly white french tip
  • I decided to take a sparkly pink shade- Rimmel 60 second Stars in Star Shine- and I drew a line along the border of the white french tip. To do it- I used a Loew Cornell paint brush- 4135. It came in a package and has a VERY fine tip. Found the pack at Walmart for only a few bucks. You can also find nail detail brushes at beauty supply stores like Sally's. This step also covers up uneven edges on your white french tip.
  • Next I took my L.A. Colors Art Deco polish in White and made little dots along the pink line. These polishes have tiny pointed brushes, so this is fairly easy.
  • Then kick back and really let this all get nice and dry. Apply a top coat, I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine since it dries so fast, but honestly, I had a little issue with the pink shade bleeding a bit if I wasn't careful. I don't know if I needed to let it dry longer, or if it was just the particular top coat I used. If there's anyone out there that does lots of nail art and knows of a good top coat that can handle going over multiple colors, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



  1. that looks so nice. im horrible at doing my nails. im trying to get them healthier before i start painting them again. i bought that vaseline hand and nail lotion and it has helped both my nails and my hands become less dry and my nails are stronger. so thanks for that rec'.

  2. Hi Emily. I love what you did on your nails. Very creative! I am on a polish break right now because my nails have started peeling something fierce after weeks and weeks of painting them every couple of days (I change my polish quite often). Do you have a remedy to suggest (tip or product)? Could it be the polish remover that dried them this bad? Also I was wondering if you have ever tried the Rimmel Renew & Lift foundation? If so, did you like it? thanks!

  3. Wow so pretty and also so neat! You have some skills! ^^

  4. Nice nails! How long did it take you to finish this?

  5. Hey Emily,

    I too am a fellow nail biter so I keep polish on them so that they will grow out.

    For CHEAP, EXCELLENT top coats use China Glaze Quick Dry or Seche Vite top coat. Both are clear and seal in polish very well.


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