Curling Iron Crisis, Viewer Questions, Etc!


Hope your Monday is getting off to as great a start as mine... LOL. This morning when I was getting ready at around 2:00 (I work an early shift haha), I was putting my hair up in some velcro rollers, and I was also using my curling iron. About 5 rollers in, I heard a loud pop and noticed a spark whiz past my face- it came from my curling iron! Apparently the cord had started to slowly separate over time and I hadn't noticed it. This pop and spark happened one other time (while I was recently filming a hair video LOL), but at that point I wasn't sure what caused it. This morning it was blatantly clear though-- the inner wiring had become exposed near the base of the curling iron:

I probably should've noticed this sooner, but I didn't. This was a Revlon ceramic curling iron that I used daily and loved :( Please take this as a warning- take a look at the cord on your heat styling tool next time you use it- make sure it isn't starting to do something like this... because if that spark hit me in the eye- which it was very close to- I could be having some serious problems right now. Just a heads up!

New topic: Fun Viewer Questions!
I recently got a message in my YouTube inbox from TNaraysingh. She had some questions for me that she thought I might be able to address in a video. I really liked them and wanted to get to them quickly- and since I'm pretty much set in terms of videos for awhile- I thought I'd answer them in a blog! yipee! So thanks to her for these great questions!
  • What inspired you to make videos?
I watched videos on YouTube for quite some time before I started making them myself. I watched people like PurseBuzz & Enkore, as well as others who seemed pretty new to the makeup scene and just enjoyed putting up fun & entertaining beauty videos! After awhile I started to think- I have a big makeup collection, I love doing makeup, and I basically spent 4 years of college learning how to be a decent communicator- so why not make some videos and see if anyone's interested in watching them? Plus I hadn't seen a lot in terms of makeup on inexpensive brands, so I thought I might be able to offer something new in that way. I'm glad I did!
  • What are your top 5 places to shop for clothes?
1. Wet Seal (lots of cheap & fun party clothes)
2. Macy's (nice things for work & some great deals occasionally)
3. J.C. Penney (cute work clothes)
4. Target (tons of variety)
5. T.J. Maxx (I can stay in this store forever looking around)
  • If you had to pick only ONE makeup product, what would it be?
Hard question, considering I use so many things. Lets pray that I'm never confronted with this issue in real life. In case I was, I suppose I'd say some sort of stick that can do multiple things... ELF makes an all over color stick in a pinkish shade that I could use on eyes, lips, and cheeks- so that would probably be the best thing for me! I think the shade is persimmon or pink lemonade. Honestly, I'll probably have this question in the back of my mind for a few days and continually change my answer haha ;)
  • What's the best thing about making videos?
Knowing that I'm actually helping people. I love hearing from those who say they've tried something I've recommended and ended up loving it. Or they did a look I showed in a tutorial and their boyfriend/husband told them how great they looked and they hadn't heard that in a long time. Some of this stuff honestly brings tears to my eyes. Simply hearing from people that say what I do inspires them- or that they brighten up their day after a long time spent at work... it really makes all these videos seem so worthwhile :) I really love it.
  • Are you recognized more as a YouTube makeup guru or a news anchor?
Considering that I'm a local news anchor, I am recognized quite often for that. I've gotten used to walking into a restaurant and getting looks from people and you can just see the wheels turning *now where have I seen that girl before?* People that I see out and about grocery shopping or when I'm out doing a story are so nice. I'm so fortunate to have been embraced by viewers in southern Illinois. It's a great place to live with lots of great people. Only a few times have I been recognized in public for my YouTube videos! If you see me and watch me on YouTube- say hi! I won't bite! :)
(not necessarily in this order)
  • Purple & black party eye
  • Velcro roller tutorial
  • Makeup terminology blog glossary
  • Tutorials on new Coastal Scents Palettes!
  • Tips from my Bobbi Brown beauty manual

Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone! Have a great day!



  1. oh yes...I am waiting passionately for the tutorial using the 78 new costal scent palette...not so many youtube guru are doing that so far, so I am so excited!!!!!! thank youuu!!

  2. Oh my! So happy your ok!

    Can't wait for the upcoming tutorials! :)

  3. If I saw you I would definitely come say hi! I would be so excited. I love all of your videos so keep making more. And thanks for the tip about the curling iron. Mine is getting old so I'm gonna go check it right now.

  4. Did you already get a replacement curling iron. If not I definitely recommend getting a hot tools curling iron. Mine has lasted me many years, they come in many sizes, many people swear by them, and they are reasonably priced for the quality and length of time they last (Around $30 from or Ulta). Just a suggestion but I would love to find out what you end up buying and how you like it!

  5. Oh geez, glad you're ok after the curling iron incident. I just watched that video and it scared me, I can only imagine how freaky that was for you.
    Love those viewer questions, it's always nice to get to "know" people a little more.

  6. I cannot wait for your velcro roller tutorial! Your Bumpit video is the way I discovered your awesome youtube and blog sites. Thank you so much for posting these! Your hair is so similar to mine... just today I dyed it the same color as it was just for the added conditioner. Thank you so much for all the tips!

  7. oh yeah

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