Generic Value Products at Sally's

Is the packaging pretty? No. Does it have a fancy name? No. Is it being advertised in flashy commercials? definitely not. But those are likely some of the reasons why I was able to buy these Generic products for $5.99 apiece-- whereas the real Matrix Amplify sold at Target cost $15.00 apiece!! Generic Value Products sold at Sally Beauty Supply are something those with high-end tastes but small budgets should look into.

The shampoo and conditioner I picked up are the generic versions of Matrix Amplify, a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I'd like to just say that although I'm a sucker for cute packaing-- I kind of like the fact that the makers of Generic products just said, *hey, we're not going to beat around the bush here. We're putting out the exact same products as brands like Matrix- so let's just make it blatantly clear to consumers*. At least that's what I imagine was said.

As far as this particular product- I've been using it for a little over 2 months now. During that time (winter season) I've noticed that my hair has been so manageable when I style it in the morning. Usually the dry winter air makes my hair very staticky and tough to work with. A quick hit with the blow dryer in the morning- and my hair has great volume already... I don't even HAVE to use a mousse or other volumizing hair product if I didn't want to. The scent isn't anything fantastic, but not bad. Of the two- the conditioner smells the best. I would definitely recommend this duo to fine-haired ladies like myself who like to make the road to BIG hair a little less bumpy. Keep in mind- a great shampoo and conditioner alone won't give you so-called BIG hair-- you have to do some work of your own... what I'm saying is that these products seem to make the process easier.

GVP also offers shampoo/conditioner/styling product knock-offs of other brands- including Paul Mitchell and Nexxus. Check this link learn more about what's available:,default,sc.html?prefn1=brand&prefv1=GVP&psortb1=category-pos_Hair01&psortd1=1

Another interesting feature-- on the back of the bottle, Generic Value Products list the ingredients in the generic product- side by side with the brand name product. At least with the two products I have-- those lists are exactly the same!! You're working with the same product here people! Why pay for a fancy name and packaging? If those pricey shampoos and conditioners are burning a hole in your pocket, skip on over to Sally's and see if they carry a generic version. :D

Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone! ALSO- thank you so much for those who have been contributing ideas to the MAC dupes forum. Keep in mind that once that post is off of the main page- there is still a link on the right side of the page that will take you there directly. Keep the ideas coming!!


  1. wow thats neat. i really like that they list the ingretients side by side. thaks emily

  2. I soooo agree, I buy these from Sally's and I love them! Thank you Sally's for bringing something for a little cheaper in these times of need!

  3. Bahah, that's great, I'll have to check that out

  4. I just bought GVP's brand of the Chi Silk Infusion and it worked wonders on my hair and it was only $8.49! :)

  5. i never knew that sally's had these!! i HAVE to go get some! thanks for the update!!!

  6. I have the "Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum" and I adore it! I just got it home and put it into a prettier bottle!

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  8. Costco has a great generic too that is similiar to Biolage. It is the Kirkland brand, and you get 2 BIG shampoo bottles or conditioner bottles for $6.99 each duo. It seems to soften my hair better than Biolage too! When I run out though, I may have to check out the ones at Sally's.

  9. Lord knows I have wussy flat hair, i'll have to try it! Man, I've gone to Sally's more in the past month(from reading/watching you) then in the previous five years! =) oh well, at least Sally's doesn't hurt my wallet as much.

  10. It's nice to see there are comparable and affordable no name brands out there! I'm trying to avoid Sodium Laurel/eth Sulfates right now, so I switched to Burt's Bees- a bit pricier...but I'm LOVING the results!

  11. Hello Emilynoel83, :)

    I first saw you on Youtube videos, and now I found you here on this blog. Thanks to you I found out about Sallys GVP products and I finally went and got a couple of great buys and save myself money too.

    I highly recommend the GVP Smoothing Serum - Compare it to Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum - way too expensive for me!
    I don't buy the brand name.
    Why spend more, when many less expensive products, can be equally as good, or better? It is not always necessary to buy high-end products. Unless you're rich!
    I pay for the results I get(.)

    Well, have a GREAT day :) and keep your beautiful cheerleader smile :)
    You just can't take an ugly picture. You are very photogenic...Enjoy!

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  13. I am a single guy with no woman in my life. So I do things that excite me including coloring my package. I've always colored blonde even though my naturee color is med brown. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of the Shimmer Lights conditioning shampoo. Being dyed blonde anyway this product lightened my package hair to WHITE and I love it

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