Sephora Spring Beauty Wishlist!

Hey everyone!
How's your week going so far? Mine has been pretty busy. It's the March ratings period for TV... so needless to say I've been doing a lot at the station. I've been doing a weekly series for work called "3 Ways to Save"... (we are channel 3 and I'm a consumer reporter). Anyway- each week focuses on a different money saving topic- so far I've featured food, household products, and today's story was on entertainment. I generally ask for your money saving tips on twitter from time to time- so even if you're not in my viewing area, I'd appreciate your feedback! My Twitter: You can also check my Twitter updates on the lower right hand sidebar of my blog :D

This week in the mail I received the Sephora Spring Beauty 2009 catalog- somehow it still excites me to get the catalog in the mail- even though I can look at everything on Sephora's website. Anyway- thought I'd highlight a few things I'm interested in!! :D

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
There are so many mascaras out there right now that I'm interested in. I'v heard good things about this one, and I really like the look of the brush. I like how the tip is tapered and generally I like traditional mascara wands like this rather than the rubber brush kind.

Stila Precious Pearl Palette
According to the catalog- "this palette (with real pearl packaging) includes six shades infused with pearl powder, plus minerals and amino acids that nourish and soften skin". So that sounds pretty cool- not to mention that I love pearly-finish shadows and these shades look so wearable but still fun. This looks like a pretty good value- since Stila shadows are great quality.

Too Faced Lockdown eyeshadow


This cream shadow looks so cool! It's metallic pigment mixed with Too Faced's best selling primer- Shadow Insurance. Since that's currently my favorite primer- I'm pretty pumped about this long wearing cream shadow. I wonder if this is the type of cream shadow that could stand alone without a powder on top? If so, I'd be pretty impressed. I'm very intrigued by this!

Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss


Yet another pearl-themed product! I'd love to check this out in person to see what the texture is like- and what more affordable product I could compare it to. I really like the shade shown in the catalog- Tropical Pink- but couldn't find a pic on the website that included both that shade and the packaging. It contains Vitamin E and Peppermint Oil- I love minty gloss! :D

So there's my wish list- key word is WISH. There's a chance perhaps I'll get one of those products in the near future- but I tend to not spend a bundle all at once at places like Sephora. Do you guys have any wishlist items for Spring? What should we all be checking out?
The weekend is near! Have a great day,
♥ Emily


  1. Oh wow the Too Faced Lockdown eyeshadow seems interesting to me, because I love the Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance too. I have tried numerous mascara, but CG lash blast is just my favorite. Thanks for sharing these products! I love your hair :)

  2. Hi Emily! :)
    Oh how I wish Sephora's just a few blocks away from where i :)) i've heard a lot of great things about MUFE's mascara it waterproof?
    the Stila shadows look great for spring! :)

  3. That Too Faced lipgloss is awful! The lipgloss itself is gone in about 10 minutes and then you're left with caked on, HARD pieces of glitter! It was so pretty when I first put it on at the store, I was so dissapointed.

  4. I was excited about the Too Face Lockdown also until I saw the size. It's smaller than the TFSI tube so you get less for more money. They came in some great colors tho. I just bought the Eyeshadow Insurance Policy High Impact Shadow Collection and it come with a full size tube of TFSI. The shadows state that they are infused with TFSI, but I tried them alone - no base. They did crease more. The shadows are powdery, but they almost feel creamy to spread on.


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