Coastal Scents Cosmetics: Safe to use!

Hi everyone! Some good news to pass along in this blog. I'm not sure what started this buzz, but I've been getting comments and messages on my YouTube channel about Coastal Scents palettes... some people say they contain lead and are unsafe to use. I felt the need to look into this, and have received a response from the company. This came in an email directly from the Coastal Scents company:

"The palettes and hot pots are manufactured in accordance with FDA
Our products are safe to use and pass all FDA regulations. However, we can only speak for our own production and for all of our products that are shipped out from our warehouse. Any products that look the same or are claimed to be similar as Coastal Scents palettes (like the ones sold on eBay) are out of our control and could be manufactured by guidelines other then FDA."
-Coastal Scents

What is the FDA?
The FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, which is the basically the governing body of safety in the U.S. cosmetics industry, among other things. Products that are sold in the United States must comply with FDA guidelines to be put on the market. I think Coastal Scents makes a good point that even though some palettes might look exactly the same, they could still be a knock-off and aren't necessarily safe.

Still Have Questions?
Perhaps this post leaves you with further questions for Coastal Scents. If you still don't feel assured that the products are safe, I encourage you to contact the company directly. Visit, and click the "Contact Us" link to ask any questions. I got a very prompt response to mine.

Cosmetics Safety Database
I also did some investigating on my own. There is a fantastic cosmetics safety resource on the web by the Environmental Working Group called the Cosmetic Safety Database: This is a phenomenal resource if you have any questions about a particular brand, product, or ingredient. I will likely use this as a resource for any future reviews I do. You can also sign up for email updates on cosmetics & ingredient safety, which I did- there's a place to do that on the left hand side of the page.

CSD on Coastal Scents
Ingredients on the Cosmetic Safety Database (CSD) are given a numerical rank in terms of their safety. 0-2 means low hazard, 3-6 is moderate hazard, and 7-10 is high hazard. If you look up Coastal Scents on the site- it has no items marked as a hazard of any sort. Perhaps it's because the site doesn't know much about the brand yet- but the fact that nothing negative has been reported here is a good thing. And there is SO MUCH information on the products in many other brands, it makes me feel like the Environmental Working Group has done their homework, and simply may not have had negative findings. In addition, you can see "Company Policies". I'm able to see that Coastal Scents recently signed the "Compact for Safe Cosmetics"... According to the site, this means...

"The Compact for Safe Cosmetics aims to improve the safety of products made by companies who sign on, and to ensure that companies provide the fullest information possible to help consumers make informed decisions about the products they buy.", Compact for Safe Cosmetics

As a company who complies with this compact- you're supposed to comply with... "Ingredient standards recommended or mandated by national health agencies overseeing cosmetics safety, including in the U.S., Japan, Canada, and the E.U." I take this as a good sign for Coastal Scents, since they have chosen to be part of this voluntary group.

One last note: the cosmetics database also allows you to search any specific ingredient and it will tell you what the risk level is. Coastal Scents lists ALL of their products ingredients on their website, so you can investigate any ingredients you're concerned about.

I hope this is helpful, and puts you at ease!
Have a great day, it's almost Friday!



  1. thank you for this informative information... this realy help out... thank you very mush!

  2. I think it is a personal.. it is like some people do have allergy for something some people not
    Thanks for info

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  4. Honestly, I think that coastal scents don't really have their own palettes, all their palettes are from factories in china (although recently they added the print "coastal scents" on their palettes). I'm chinese and I've seen exact same palettes in chinese sites selling for really low price. So costal scents' claim that their palettes are different from those selling on ebay are probably not true.

  5. Thanks, Emily!! Good to know (I had not heard anything about this, and JUST got my order today!!) good to know I don't have to worry :)

  6. BeauTeaCup, I think they only seperated themselves from the ebay ones for legal reasons.

    I think everyone knows that they get or got their palettes from china. Which was a cause for concern.

    I really can't be sure about this, but by stamping their name they may have found some way to ensure quality control for those they ship from china to their warehouse.

    So what they're saying is that they can guarantee that the products ordered through their site have been checked and are safe for use.

    Ordering through ebay does not have that same guarantee just because they don't go through Coastal Scents.

    It's basically all a legal thing to prevent them from getting sued if a faulty product is purchased off ebay that looks like theirs.

    Personally though, I'd buy the palettes elsewhere if you can find them. Many people have bought both from the coastal scents company as well as from ebay and have vouched that they are of the same quality.

    Especially if you live in Singapore like me and shipping from the states can get kinda hefty.

    Hope this helped! I didn't mean to ramble on so lol.

  7. omg thank you so much for this post! i've always hesitated about the coastal scents palettes and i actually bought one and haven't used it because i just have this thing about products that came from china :S

  8. EWG's Cosmetic database is truly brilliant, I always check it out before thinking of buying a product. I believe it is necessary to fund such independent organizations, since they can really bring true information to the people.

  9. I thank you Emily, for trying to get us more information but first I would not trust what coastal scents says they are not going to tell the truth and they will lie to protect their sales. Second the FDA doesn't require companies to test their own products for safety in cosmetics this is published in various government sites. The fact they have their name stamped does not ensure the quality and personally I would not touch any makeup made in China all due respect and no offense intended but one of my dogs died from tainted dog food after we were reassured by the news etc.. that it was ok but yet how many pets died. Then lead paint on toys scare and recalls come on after so many incidents with made in China products why would anyone take the chance and why would you risk your reputation on supporting a company that may possibly be in violation if just by the minimum requirement? The best advice is stay away from anything that can possibly be harmful to your health that is my thought.

    I love the fact you try so hard to get information but I would not trust what they say they don't want to loose sales :-)

  10. Wow! That's really informative! Thank you sooo much for posting this! :D

  11. That was very informative! I just emailed them and asked them to state very clearly whether or not the palettes that they sell are made truly by them in their own factory. I have a feeling they might be the same as the so called "knock-offs" sold on ebay. I guess we'll see what they say, I'll post the answer on my blog.

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  12. I thought that Coastal Scents had recently started to print on the top of their palettes because they were purchasing from the ebay sellers in Hong Kong. Frankly, I know where they get most of their materials because I mix my own makeup, and none of the sites they purchase from carry that wide array of palettes, but ebay does.

    Also, just because something isn't reported does not mean it is not doing damage, causing irritation, etc. There are many small companies that offer neon eye products that are produced with colorants that are not approved by the FDA for use around the eye and irritation and damage has been found when using them around the eye regularly, yet many of these companies have no citation.

    I don't bother to report things when I have a negative experience with makeup, I just throw the stuff away, and I'd assume MANY others would, too. I also think it's fair to assume that people have posted negative reviews on the CS website and they were never approved. I've done so twice, repeatedly trying to get my negative reviews posted, and to date they are still not on there. Anyone that assumes there is just a delay and doesn't check back will have their comments go unnoticed.

    Considering how horrific the customer service at CS is, I find it highly unlikely that they'd be willing to take into consideration the irritation of someones eyes over a chinese-made product.

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  15. Coastal Scents wrote that disclaimer about the quality guarantee so that it would insure that people would purchase from them instead of ebay (despite that the products come from the same place). It is not, in my opinion, a legal issue... It is purely dollar signs.

    I agree that just because there is no negative hype doesn't mean the product is safe. How many times have products been recalled because they are unsafe....

    Also, I have 2 of the pallets (I bought before I knew about the potential quality issues) and the eye shadows fall out, which is not hygienic.

    Just be careful...coastal scents seems to have a bad reputation -- especially deceiving by not printing negative comments. I have also heard of customer service issues that were horrible

  16. If you want to know if Coastal Scents is safe to use just go to their website and read the ingredients which are toxic! Google the ingredients and do the research. Most beauty products are toxic. I know of maybe a handful that are non toxic but you have to do the research & realise that you may be purchasing products that are quite pricey. You got to decide what you want cheap & toxic or expensive & non-toxic....

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