Favorite CS Hot Pots: Swatches

Hey! As I've blogged about before- Coastal Scents has these customizable palettes with individual shadows called Hot Pots that you can put in them. There are 66 colors, and they're labeled with letters & numbers... I wrote more about this in a past blog where I showed the shades I put in my 12 color palette. I've also done a tutorial using them.

Well, I've tried even MORE shades since then, and I thought I'd let you know my favorites. The first two swatch pics are my favorite shimmer/satin shades, and the last one is my favorite matte shades. Enjoy!

To look at all the different colors- check the website...


Coastal Scents Hot Pots: Favorite Shimmer Shades
Left to Right: S-08, S-11, S-13, S-14

Left to Right: S-35, S-28, S-10, S-03
Favorite Matte Shades

M-06, M-22, M-08, M-15

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  1. Thank you for doing this, it makes it so much easier now I know which ones to go for and which to avoid!! Would love to see you do a video using some of the vivid pinks and purples or even that gorgeous aqua green - I wouldn't know what to do with them!!

  2. Those are great swatches. I love the pigmentation of the top photo. I really want to get them, but I just got the 42 shadow/blush palette :(

  3. I've had my eye on these, looks like the pigmentation is great for the price! I just ordered the 88 color palette for my sister's birthday yesterday, I can't wait for her to get it! Thanks for the swatches, these are gorgeous colors.

  4. The middle colors look enticing... I'm really interested now.

  5. These look great!! Is there any way to make the second and third images larger? These look really great. I may have to look into getting some of these from Stars Makeup Haven!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, didn't know they were so pigmented. I may look into a few. Love your colors choices.

  7. i have the S14. it is THE prettiest purple i've ever had. super pigmented.

  8. wow those look super pigmented!! By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!

  9. I purchased about 16 of the hot pots, and am SO glad I did! The pigmentation is incredible, they are very creamy, and blend extraordinarily well! Wonderful product!

  10. Need an updated hot pot collection/review. Over three hundred shades now and they all have names.


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