Man Beauty: Erasing Shine

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Thursday. I don't do nearly enough beauty articles/videos dealing with guys- since I happen to know I have a decent amount of male followers/subscribers. Plus- I live with one! Which brings up a relatively uninteresting, but relevant story. Earlier this week when Tyler stopped in between class and work, I was talking to him and noticed how shiny his forehead is. He has classic combination skin... dry to normal on the cheeks and oily on the T-zone. Before he left for work I say, "wait, just a second!!" and I skitter off to my makeup room, which he knows can't be good, but before he can tell me to stop, I arrive with a fantastic and cheap product from E.L.F. Cosmetics called Shine Eraser.

These are only ONE DOLLAR on, or select retailers where ELF is sold. They are just oil blotting sheets- these very thin, tissue paper like sheets that you press wherever you're oily or sweaty- and it picks it up without packing on more makeup. Plus they come in a 50 pack! The package says they have "micro-sebum absorbers" that instantly depart excess oil on contact, and also Green Tea Extract.

Not only are they good for guys who don't wear makeup, but even those in broadcasting who do- and have to spend lots of time under bright lights that inevitably cause more oil and shine. Blotting with these keeps you from having to cake on more makeup- and that's something I'm sure lots of ladies would enjoy as well!

After Tyler used these- his skin looked fresh, less greasy, and just a lot better! These blotting sheets are only a buck, and pretty much the best deal around. But if you don't want to order online, I know Clean & Clear sells some oil blotting sheets in pretty much any drugstore you set foot in.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and have a great day!!


  1. Where do i start, well frist i will give you create for convicing your husban to try the oil blotting sheets... i tried to convince my fince to use them but he replays that this is for female only witch i tolly disagree with that!

    For me i always used these oil blotting sheets maily in the summer. I do agree with you on how convent these little sheets are!! Keep up with the good work..

  2. I have to use more than one :( Oh well... but they are so handy! I'm not sure why the blotting tissues in Sephora cost $10 (I think)... they look and feel the same as the ELF blotting sheets. O_o; It's so strange....

  3. If you're in a pinch or just REALLY cheap, you can use those toilet seat covers found in public restrooms. They do essentially the same thing. Just put one out, tear off a strip, and blot your face. I always thought this was silly until I was out one day, looking shiny, and didn't have blotting sheets in my purse. It really worked!

  4. oh, this reminds me of the time when i forced my brother to use my Gatsby blotting sheets and when he got coaxed, he didn't looked back :)) now he annoys me from time to time to grant him his "miracle worker" lol =)) im not sure if it's available internationally but Gatsby makes some incredible blotting sheets (they come in color black)! just cheap too, same price as Clean and Clear's.. :)

  5. That picture of Tyler using the blotting sheets is priceless! MY boyfriend might let me use something like that on him, but never in a million years would he let me capture it on camera lol.

    Now that it's getting warmer I think I'll start carrying some of these in my purse. It's a lot more convenient than hauling around a powder compact!

  6. I have these and they work great! They are much better than applying more product to your face for the shine.Tyler is a good sport posing for the picture and all!:)

  7. Your hubby is such a good egg!

    I love those sheets!!!

  8. awwh you're too sweet!! how kind of you :D

    oh btw I know this was a while ago but I LOVED your smokey eye! Gorgeous!

  9. I love that picture! He is such a good sport! hahaha

  10. i just got some of these in the mail today:)


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