On the Road for Easter Weekend!

Hey everyone!

I'm doing this blog on location from my sister's house... we traveled to Champaign, IL for Easter! We've been having a great time just hanging out and doing what we've always done... cooking, making up songs, playing with cats, and general goofiness. Tyler came with me, and my mom and dad met us here as well. Of course my sister Kelly's (a.k.a. Pup's) husband Jeff was there as well! :D

Me & Pup! She calls me Poof... just the names we've used since I was a little kid! I'm honestly not sure what prompted them... just sort of those nonsensical words you use that morph into nicknames.

Pup lives in a beautiful area with lots of trees, flowers, and wildlife. This wasn't exactly wildlife- but I thought it was appropirate for Easter!!

Flowers in bloom!


While we were out and about having fun- we also had the chance to do a little shopping and shoot a video! My sister joined me to share a haul, some of her favorite (and not so favorite) products- and a special surprise! Check it out!




  1. you and your sister are adorable. its so nice to see a great relationship between the two of you. i was smiling when i was watching the video. happy easter ms. emily!!

  2. I love yours youtube videos and your blog...
    You great, positive person...
    Happy Easter to you and your family

  3. I want an older sister! she seems like a fun sis to have! you guys are too cute!

  4. Hi Emily! =) You and your sister look soooo cute together. I have an older sister, and watching your video made me miss her a lot!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter to you too. I just love watching your YT video, because you are so articulate and you are very thorough in your explanations.

  6. I loved the video with your sister, she's absolutely gorgeous and seems like an awesome person. You are definitely people I'd love to hang out with, if only we lived closer.

    Happy Easter to all of you. And a big "Thank You" to you Emily, you do such a great job with your videos, your blog, everything, I always get super excited when I see you uploaded new stuff or updated your blog. Keep it up!!

  7. Your sister and you remind me of my sisters and I. I am the youngest of 3 girls. My poor parents, lol.

  8. Poof! Love the pics and blog! I'm just now seeing this, sorry. I hope you and Tyler can come up and see us again very soon. The trees are in bloom and it's absolutely gorgeous.

  9. You have pass some time on the Road for Easter Weekend with your life partner. According to you it's best time which you have spended. I must do same like you did there and hope that will be great time with my wife. Thanks for sharing your experience here. personal report help


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