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Hi everyone!
I recently received a great question in my email from a loyal subscriber, Leslie. She was wondering what customer service and shipping speed were like for several different online makeup retailers. This really isn't something that gets addressed too often in videos, so I thought I would give you all a brief rundown of my experiences with different companies- so if you decide to place an order as well... you'll know what to expect! :)

Probably has the slowest shipping. It can take a couple of weeks to get to you. At one point (through an error at my post office) I didn't get an order so I called customer service and they quickly sent me another order. So I'm pleased with their customer service- but don't plan on getting your ELF stuff right away after you place the order.
Also- early on when I was ordering from ELF- it seemed like some of their items would be out of stock and- it wouldn't show on their website so you'd expect to receive them... but then they just wouldn't come and there would be a note on the packing sheet. That was kind of frustrating, but it hasn't happened to me in a long time. A really cool thing ELF does- they'll offer a free magazine subscription when you order more than a certain amount... currently it's only 15 bucks! They say what magazine they're giving you on the front page... I've received subscriptions of Glamour and Shape!

Cherry Culture:
I really haven't had to deal one on one with their customer service, but I haven't heard anthing negative about them. Their shipping is kind of in the middle- it might take a week for the products to get to you, but when they do, they are very nicely packaged so the makeup isn't getting tossed around in a box.
I like how you're able to see on their website what's out of stock before you place the order. Plus they give you free lip gloss with every order! :) You'll also receive FREE shipping if you spend more than $40!

Coastal Scents:
Awesome shipping and overall customer service experience. The stuff comes VERY quickly after you place the order-and since many of their beauty products are palettes- it's important that they're packaged very carefully so things aren't popping out/breaking... and they definitely take that into consideration.
Brushes I've ordered from there have come individually wrapped in tissue paper & bubble wrap... You'll occasionally get a free sample tossed in there too! Great company.

Everyday Minerals:
This company has FANTASTIC shipping/customer service as well. They pay so much attention to packaging your items with plenty of padding- I don't think it's possible for the items to break in any way! Plus- the items come so fast. I've never had a problem with anything being out of stock. Also- they'll occasionally throw in some free samples!
Also- you can get a free sample kit for free (just pay shipping)... and you'll get 5 mini jars of different products- whatever you choose! You have the option of trying 3 foundations, a concealer, and a blush.

Bee Luscious:
This company prides itself on fantastic customer service, and I've had an excellent experience as well. It seems they really take an interest in every individual customer, so if you have questions about products- you'll be able to get them answered by someone who knows their stuff.

Items are always packed in bubble wrap and I've never received any broken or damaged items. The company is currently offering 25% off your entire shopping cart order... so that's awesome!

Thanks for checking out my blog everyone, and have a grea weekend!



  1. I ordered from E.L.F and Cherryculture on the same day about a week and a half before Christmas. E.L.F got their order processed and shipped days before Cherryculture. HOWEVER, I wrote to Cherryculture asking if I'd get my stuff before Xmas and guess what?? I DID! Even though they didn't guarantee Xmas shipping. And then I got E.L.F on New Years eve so yeah, E.L.F is just really slow. I also got my stuff within a week w/ Coastal Scents and EDM. Lovely companies.
    BTW, thanks for mentioning that E.L.F gives you free magazine subs b/c I've been getting Glamour magazines and I'm like... "I am paying for these??"

  2. I haven't had ELF be slow, but they definitely need to work on their quality control...random eyeliners that I didn't order(or pay for!), the wrong color of something. But whenever I(or my mom) call them and tell them, they always fix the problem.

  3. When I ordered from elf, I got a subscription to Allure. :)

  4. E.L.F. used to be real slow but I believe their customer service and shipping have greatly improved. I recently placed an order (a couple weeks ago) and they shipped within a couple days. I received my shipment within a week on regular ground shipping. However, they did pack a wrong item in my shipment so I emailed them about it. They responded the very next day that they would ship the correct item out immediately.

  5. i think elf has improved on their customer service recently. I'm getitng orders a lot quicker than before and I don't get as many of those missing products due to stocking issues. I used to hate that from them because I would have to be extra careful about comparing the shipping statements with the items shipped and making sure that they don't bill me for things that they don't ship.

  6. Very helpful, thank you for that rundown.
    I think with elf, their shipping has gotten a lot better over time, I get my stuff in under two weeks now, it used to be much longer than that.

  7. Yay thanks so much for posting this!! :D

  8. OMG are you kidding me? Bee Royal has the worst track history of customer complaints and the slowest processing times ever (4-8 weeks). Not to mention horrible customer service. They received so many complaints that they got an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. Do your research people. They've created fake profiles that have been kicked off QVC and HSN forums for spam advertising their generic products, and now they've invaded YouTube. Pushy, rude people that rate down negative comments said about their company that are definitely true. Their products are purchased wholesale from private labels ( and marked up outrageously. If you still want to buy because you don't believe, don't say you haven't been warned.

  9. I placed an ELF order early Tuesday morning, it was processed Wednesday Morning and arrived today(Friday) morning! I was VERY happy! All of my things came in one piece and nothing was missing. I ordered right before Christmas though and it took about a week, maybe a day or two more. I don't think that's terrible. Pretty average actually. So maybe they've improved! I placed a UD order around the same time and it took almost two weeks. Usually I get it in 2-3 days depending on the processing time just for a comparison.


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