Seamless Eyeshadow Blending + Brush Reviews

Hey everyone! How is Tuesday treating you? This morning when I was getting ready for work- I was applying a dark matte brown shade to my eye crease- but those matte shades aren't always the easiest to blend out- and when you do, you have to be careful.

Back in the good ole days, I might have just dipped into more of an eye shadow shade to "blend" the look. My mindset was more focused on applying MORE color as a means to blending- as opposed to simply blending. And that big fluffy tapered blending brush in my collection? It didn't provide a lot of control so I'd never reach for it. As I've leared over the years- a bare blending brush can work wonders to smooth out a shade without adding anything extra. Working in small circular motions can buff out a color in your crease/outer V to the point where you can't quite tell where it stops and where a highlight color begins.

*First, as I described earlier, these fluffy brushes can be used alone to blur the lines of a darker crease shade
*You can use these to apply a highlight shade to the browbone while overlapping a darker crease shade to further blend the line
*These brushes tend to be a bit larger and can cover a lot of surface area on the eye. If you just want a natural wash of color all over- these brushes could be a nice option for that too.

Left to Right:
1.) Smashbox #10 Crease Brush: $28
This brush is the largest blending brush I have- and it's so big I rarely use it to apply color. It's main purpose for me is to use bare to blend out a darker shade, and for that- it's great. It's also very pricey- I got it as part of a gift set. Smashbox does have incredible brushes though- and for a special gift- this might be a nice item to add to your list.
2.) Sephora Professionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13: $17
This is probably one of my favorite brushes out of everything I own. It's super soft, dense, and versatile. Makes an awesome blending brush, but is just small enough to where you feel you have enough control applying color with it- and it's nice for applying highlight shades too. Oh did I mention SOFT? this brush rules!
3.) ELF Blending Eye Brush: $1
I'll admit, I haven't given this brush rave reviews in the past. It's not as dense or soft as any of the other brushes, however, if you're really trying ot stay on a budget and want to work on your technique- this might be something good to look into. It's a decent size to use bare for blending purposes, but I'm not a huge fan of using this brush to apply shadow. For just a buck?! Why not give it a try when you make your next ELF order.
4.) Glam Couture Chisel Crease Brush: $10
You'll notice by the picture- this brush doesn't flare out as much as some of the others. It's most similar to the Sephora brush- only it tapers to more of an actual tip. While being soft and dense, it has a nice stiffness to it as well. Of all of these brushes it's the one that you could best use to actually apply shadow to the crease with and have great control. But because it is so soft- I wanted to include it as an option for blending. You could use it with nothing on it and get a wonderful buffed-out look. Not a bad pricetag either!
Thanks so much for checking out this blog, and I hope you learned a thing or two about blending, as well as some brushes that make the job so much easier!


  1. thanks for the great review on some blending brushes i will check some of them out and see witch one would be the best blending brush for me! keep up the great work and have a nice day!

  2. i hope u do a video on this this is my biggest mu draw back

  3. ur elf blending look like the old version! check out the one they have now. its different and definitely much much better. ((: talking about the $1 one, not the studio :D

  4. I agree with the previous commenter, definitely invest $1 for the ELF blending brush in your next order! The one in your picture is the original version, which I also have, and like most I found it absolutely horrible. But I heard they re-designed it and that it was great, so I got it and was NOT disappointed! It's sooo dense and SOFT. It feels like a smaller version of EDM's eye kabuki.


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