Special Event Beautification!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I was honored to take part in a special event- the Celebrity Waiter Gala. It benefits the local Child Advocacy Center- which does all sorts of things to help abused and neglected children. Lots of local leaders are in attendance, and as a waiter, It was my task to make sure my assigned table had what they needed, get them drinks, and make sure they're having a good time. It was fun! Myself and about a dozen others got dropped off in a limo, and walked in on the red carpet- so fun!! Along with a great meal, there were special challenges throughout the night. Definitely funny to see some of the people I interview on a regular basis in a professional setting getting dared to sing karyoke and dance!

With Tyler, my date!

With Lauren, a reporter at another TV station :)

Getting ready for an event like this-- or for proms, weddings, etc... can take LOTS of work! You want to look your best, and when you're doing it all yourself like I did- it can take some time. Fortunately for me, I love the whole process of getting ready for stuff like this- so I thought I'd share it with you!!

(I found this dress for $25 at Wet Seal)


  • Get clean! When you shower- consider things like whether or not you'll be using a self-tanner that day- you'll want to exfoliate beforehand in the shower. Also- doing a deep conditioning treatment on your hair (I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) may help your hair be more manageable once it's time to style it.
  • Do your nails! This is something you could do the night before too- but of course you lessen the chances of messing it up if you just wait until close before the event. I did it the morning of my event. I kept it simple, using a color that coordinated with my outfit, but also one that I knew would dry quickly and not take too much time. I put Revlon nail enamel in Cherry Crush on my fingers & toes.
  • Get a bright smile! This is something you may want to think about in the weeks leading up to the event- but if you regularly whiten your teeth with Whitestrips every couple of days- just go ahead and use the strips on the big day as well. Allow yourself half an hour for them to stay in. I like Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal- they stay in so well, I almost forget I'm wearing them!
  • Get tan! I regularly use a gradual sunless tanner- Dove Energy Glow, but for this event I wanted to have an even more sunkissed look. There is a product from DuWop that I absolutely love- called Revolution. It's a body bronzer moisturizer- but it also has sunscreen- SPF 15. I put it on my arms and legs, and had Tyler slather some on my back. It take a little while to dry, so I suggest doing this the morning of your event. It won't come off till the next time you shower. I just love this, because haven't we all had those times when we look at our skin and think, man I look pale! This stuff gives an awesome, and most importantly, healthy tan glow. This product won an Allure Editor's Choice Award.
  • Get your makeup on! This is something you can start strategizing about as soon as you get your outfit. For my event, I knew I would be surrounded by those who are used to watching me on the news- so I basically took that look and kicked it up a notch with some slightly more dramatic false lashes and brigher lips. False lashes are a SUPER easy way to make your look more glamorous... to learn more check out my false eyelash tutorial.
  • Hair time! This is something else you should be thinking about before your event. Be aware that if you're trying something new on yourself for the very first time- it might not exactly go as planned! Since this was a big event for me, I wanted to go with a style that I've mastered using velcro rollers. Here's the link to my video tutorial on that: Velcro Roller Tutorial.

Check out my Glam & Girly Makeup Tutorial that I did for my big event!

Have a great day everyone, and don't forget to keep getting your entries in for my Prom makeup contest! Post a video response to the contest video on my channel- or send an email (inclulding your YouTube user name) to beautybroadcast@hotmail.com The deadline for entries is April 18th. Check out the sidebar on my contest video for details!



  1. OMG you looked absolutely gorgeous. not that you dont always look gorgeous:). i love that dress. very springy by dressy as well. glad that u had fun. i just love ready your blog everyday :) thanks

  2. You look gorgeous!! And wow Tyler is so tall!! Love your dress! :)

  3. Tyler towers over you. I can't believe that dress was $25! You look so classy and beautiful. Perfect dress for the spring weather!

  4. OMG you look amazing in this dress! & your makeup... <3

    & the dress was really $25? ^^

  5. You look seriously AMAZING! Wow. And Tyler is HUGE!!
    You're dress is so amazing!!

  6. You look so beautiful Emily. And I love the dress, what a great bargain.
    Also, your skin is so glowing and flawless, it would be nice if you could do an updated skin care video if you find the time.

  7. gorgeous eyes--I was really impressed with how much the fake eyelashes added to the glam factor.

    You mentioned countering (spelling?)--would love to see a video about countering specific features on the face. Like if you want your nose to appear thiner, cheeks wider,etc.


  8. who your hubby is suuuper tall. I mean that in a nice way :) Also, that dress is super cute girl!

  9. You look so pretty! I love the entire look and how the reds tie everything together. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks so tiny next to her man lol.

  10. You look absolutely stunning!!!! And omg you should dedicate an entire post answering this question: "How tall is your hubby????"

  11. so just wondering, are you super short or is tyler super tall? =]

  12. Emily This look is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!!

  13. That look is absolutely gorgeous! And you and Tyler are oh-so-cute together! ( :

  14. wow you look so pretty and Tyler look huge! how tall is he???

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