Want to try Mauve? Try this!

(ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Mauve Luxe)

Hey! Hope you're having an awesome day. Mine was pretty fun- did a story at an orchard where there were tons of strawberry plants, peach trees, apple trees... not to mention a gorgeous view. Despite some cold temps in southern IL- the fruit is surviving LOL- I'm sure you all really cared about that. :) Now to the task at hand- introducing you to this great lip gloss I just discovered from ELF!

I knew I liked the Super Glossy Lip Shine with it's light grape scent long ago... but I pretty much stuck to the pink & nude shades. I'd never tried Mauve Luxe, perhaps because I was scared by the somewhat dark shade on thier website. When I saw it in person at a Meijer store over the weekend- I knew I needed to try it. Plus it was only a DOLLAR!

It's a gorgeous deep mauve shade, with a hint of brown- and also a touch of gold shimmer. As you can tell by this pic below- it's not as dark as the website picture implies- so don't be scared of it! This is a totally wearable shade and it's definitely worth checking out! Just visit www.eyeslipsface.com

(only wearing the gloss- nothing else. probably should've worn liner LOL oh well!)

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Its so pretty! Too bad they dont sell elf here and shipping is 12 dollars.. lol

    ALTHOUGH those lipglosses I have seen them at some clothing stores i'll take a look.

  2. its a very pretty color.. but I would not try this color for the simple reason is that my naturel lip color is about the same or one shade darker then the lip gloss color :(

  3. thanks for showing this.. i was thinking about getting this one, i have the one in watermelon and its a bit light for me. I think the mauve one will actually look more natural for me since i have pretty pigmented lips

  4. ohh i like.. i think imma try these glosses out now, ive been debating. By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!

  5. ooo I have to get this shade.. I love the taste of these glosses!

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