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Hello again! YES- not one, not two, but three blogs in one day! For more on how I'm getting this accomplished with no internet at home, check the Kat Von D post.

As I've mentioned in the past, I believe Coastal Scents has some great quality brushes. They are wonderful for those who're watching their budget- or even if you're not watching your budget and you just want some super makeup brushes. Are you in the process of building your brush collection? I'll walk you through some terrific eye brushes- ALL OF THEM ARE LESS THAN $3 EACH! (all photos courtesy www.coastalscents.com)

Professional Brow Comb $1.49

This is nothing wildly different from any other brow comb I've had... except for the fact that the handle is somewhat short and seems to be less likely to snap off- which has happened to me with several other brow/lash combs. One end of this is a comb that you can use to go through your lashes to remove clumps once you've applied mascara. The stiff, brush-like bristles on the other side will help you tame/shape your eyebrows- a critical part of doing makeup in my opinion.

Angle Brow Define Brush $1.79

This is such a nice little brush to use to fill in your brows. I like to use a matte dark brown eyeshadow to fill in a small scar on the outer half of my left eyebrow. This brush has just the right amount of stiffness to give me natural looking coverage, and the angled edge makes it very user-friendly. Like the first brush, it has a short handle, which is very convenient for traveling.

Sable Contour Brush $1.79

Do you wish you had more control when applying shadow to your crease? Do you feel most crease brushes are too big? Do you struggle achieving the "outer V"? If you answered yes to these questions, you should probably get this brush. I often mention my Essence of Beauty Crease brushes from CVS, and this is very comparable to those. The bristles are dense, and not only is this nice for keeping control of your crease shade- but it smudges colors nicely as well. This brush is yet another member of the short-handled family.

Synthetic Deluxe Crease Brush $2.79

From the looks of the pictures- you're probably thinking this is the same brush as the one above, only with different colored bristles. Well, looks can be deceiving because this brush is very different. It's a bit larger than the sable brush- and it's probably the softest eyeshadow brush I've ever used. That soft quality- paired with the DENSITY of the bristles makes this ideal for giving your shadows that expert-blended look. Terrific for blurring the line between shadow colors, and small enough to work nicely in the crease. This is such a unique brush and I've yet to find anything like it elsewhere. Definitely a must-have!

Taklon Angle Liner $1.85

Well, this is not the same brush I have, but it's close. For some reason I couldn't find the Taklon angle liner brush I have on the website anymore. Mine has a maroon handle and grey-ish bristles. You've probably seen me use it in some tutorials. (The label on the brush I have says 1B113 Taklon Liner). I've been using it every day since I first got it. I love using it to apply a shadow over my lower liner to set it for the day. It meets some of my most important brush critera: soft, dense, holds its shape, and cheap! Since the one pictured is also a Taklon angle brush- I'm sure it's pretty similar. If you wanted to cut corners a bit- you could use that Angle Brow Define brush as a liner brush as well.

What are some of your favorite Coastal Scents brushes? Please share!

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    1. Really the different eye brushes are very nice. It is useful to lots of fashioner. But the eye health is also more important to the people.Bimatoprost Online medicine is cure the eye problem. So fashioner must take care their eye health.

  2. I've only bought 3 CS brushes and I only use 1 cause I dont know where the other 2 went lol.

  3. Nice review, I will have to check those brushes out. I have a couple of the Italian Badger ones and LOVE them, especially the large buffer brush and the blush brush. I think they're great quality for the price.

  4. You can get these brushes from crownbrush.biz too, which seems to be who supplies Coastal Scents. I'm pretty sure most of the brushes are even cheaper on the Crown Brush website and Coastal Scents tends to charge an arm and a leg for shipping (at least for Canadian customers) so Crown Brush might be a better alternative economically there, as well. That liner brush that Emily has that Coastal Scents doesn't carry would be under the Italian Badger collection (IB), so anyone could get that there too!

  5. I love Coastal Scents. (& they ship fast, too)

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