MAC Haul omg!

(clockwise from top: MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden, MAC cream blush in Posey, MAC eyeshadow in Carbon & Trax, MAC Fix +)

Hey everyone!! This weekend Tyler and I made a trip to St. Louis! It's not a very far drive from where we live, but far enough to where it's kind of a special treat if we go. We went with no real agenda this time, just to do some shopping and get out of town for awhile. One thing I love about St. Louis is the wonderful access to makeup! I had the chance to hit up the Sephora store, as well as MAC! woohoo!

As I've said in the past, I don't buy a lot of MAC makeup. It's not because I don't think it's good quality- because I really love almost everything I've tried. Basically I don't have much access to it where I live (I know I can order online, but at that price it's nice to see it in person), and also, I tend to not buy a great deal of high-end makeup period. I pride myself in being able to do cool things with drugstore products, and just because I've picked up a few MAC things doesn't mean that will end. In my opinion, there's also something very cool about using brands like MAC side by side with dollar store brands- showing that really, almost any makeup can make you look good if you know how to use it! But anyway, as the makeup enthusiast that I am- I get a thrill out of picking up a brand that I only purchase every once in a great while. I definitely appreciate it when I DO save up to make a purchase! :D
I knew I wanted to pick up some Fix+, since it's such a multi-purpose type of product. It can do so many things... set your makeup, serve as a mixing medium, etc. Plus you get a lot of it and I think it'll last me awhile. I also wanted to kick off the warm weather season with a new bronzer- I specifically talked to the MUA about something that wasn't too shimmery- and she gave me a quick application of "Golden" bronzer. Loved it! (she told me she liked how I did my makeup as she put on the bronzer, and I left the store all giddy & excited- just ask Tyler). I also knew i wanted Carbon eyeshadow- kind of to see if this super pigmented black is all it's cracked up to be. Plus I can use it in many different ways. Then I thought I'd get a shade that was so unique, I couldn't turn it down. Trax is a lavender with golden undertones (pic doesn't do it justice)- a shade like I've never seen from any other brand. Finally, the cream blush in Posey. I was inspired to get this by Kandee the Makeup Artist on YouTube. She's delightful- and I loved the way she incorporated this juicy pink blush into her tutorials.
So that's my MAC haul everyone! Some more additions to my small, and slowly growing MAC collection. To those who watch my videos and are MAC lovers- what are the must-have items, in your opinion? Myself and others would love to know!
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Hi there - MAC must-haves? So many to items to choose from. Here's a couple of suggestions:
    Prrr lipgloss
    an MSF
    Brule eyeshadow (perfect neutral)
    Wedge eyeshadow (for crease)
    Soft brown eyeshadow
    Viva Glam VI lipstick

    I love your youtube channel and blog. You are one of the gurus that have inspired me -- so now I'm blogging now. Come and check it out if you have a chance. Cheers.

  2. I don't have a lot of MAC but the one thing I don't know if I will never live without (if I can help it) is Mineralized SkinFinish / Natural. For a long time, I have been in search of the perfect foundation and I have found it. However, I love that the MSF can also be used as a setting powder if I ever choose to use a liquid foundation.

    Thanks so much for your videos and blogs. I love all your ideas and love that you use drug store make up (i.e. stuff that real people can buy and use! :)).

  3. hey there..

    well yea sometimes buying high-end products is a guilty pleasure that we need to do once in a while :D but maybe when you live in States, it's not quite a problem. but if you live outside States, the price can be almost double! gaaaaah! :(

    oh, lipglass from MAC i think is a must :)

  4. oh btw, hope you don't mind if i add you to my blogroll. thank you and have a lovely day :)

  5. I have to agree with lipstickrules 123 on the lipstick! Viva Glam VI is to die for!

  6. I would say MAC e/s in Print, it is a gorgeous grey color. and MAC paintpot in Blackground, it brings out the true color of the e/s you apply on top. Oh this haul is what I had and what I've been looking forward to get.

  7. Awesome MAC haul Emily, you will love your new stuff. Here are a few of my favorites:

    satin taupe
    shroom (nice for highlighting)
    all that glitters

    paint pots:

    love nectar

    viva glam II

    strada (great for contouring)
    warm soul (mineralize blush)

    I also love their Blot powder, I use it to set my foundation.

    The list goes on, once you start, there is no turning back, lol.

  8. This is soo cool emily. I like the products you got. I swear by the fix plus.

    Oh i got excited too when the mac makeup artist told me she like my makeup lol. but that was a long time ago.

  9. I loved the look of Trax, but the texture and color payoff didn't work for me. I had to exchange it. My MAC must haves...
    black Fluidline
    MSF in Warmed
    Studio Fix powder
    Violet pigment
    All of the concealers.. they make great concealers.

  10. Love your Mac Haul great the pretty pink blush

  11. Cute haul! :)

    My favorite MAC items right now are the Satin Taupe eye shadow (described as taupe with silver shimmer - they'd know better than me! lol) because I use it almost everyday in my crease for a neutral eye and my other item I've been using all the time lately is the l/s in Angel (described as soft pink). Very pretty! :)

    I actually think I might prefer Smashbox to MAC. I tried Smashbox because of you! :)

  12. Must have MAC items for me are
    Painterly Paint Pot
    Brule e/s
    Tete-A-Tint e/s
    Satin Taupe e/s
    Dollymix blush
    Girl About Town lipstick
    Impassioned lipstick
    Love Nectar lustreglass
    Foundation pump
    239 brush
    226 brush and the
    129 brush


  13. hey, love your blog & youtube channel!
    MAC must haves for me are,
    painterly paint pot
    lip conditioner SPF 15 (in the pot)
    liquid last liner (this stuff is bullet proof!)

    and over all their brushes are really the best tools (in my opinion) i know they are pricey but such a great investment. now don't get me wrong, some of my favorite brushes that i use on a daily basis are drugstore but the ones i can't live with out ...

    anyhoo, thats a great MAC haul, can't go wrong with golden bronzer & carbon eyeshadow, thanks for sharing :)

  14. i'm glad to see that you're kinda catchin up on posting on your blog since I missed you when there was a power outage at your area at one point... I loooove your blog, your videos... i just love what you do... i hope you can visit my blog too... =).. i just recently purchased the fix+ too & i'm just lovin it!! i use it mostly as finish & i like the way it makes my skin look dewy but glowing (if u know what i mean)... anyhow MSF's are good MAC items to invest on...

  15. Personally I hate the Carbon eyeshadow. It's a pain in the butt to blend. I have Carbon and L'Oréal's Lush Raven, and I hands down love Lush Raven better. It's just as pigmented, but it blends so much easier.

  16. Hey Emily! This is Mandy, Jeff Rose's wife. Jeff showed me your blog a couple weeks ago and I was totally impressed! Of course you know, in my family, we are all about blogging! haha!

    I love love love MAC products and I even asked J to find out when you were going to be doing a review on MAC!

    Some of the products I love:

    Studio Fix Powder - NC35
    Paint Pots - Blacktrack
    Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden
    Sheertone Shimmer Blush - Sunbasque
    Studio Finish Concealer - NW25
    Eye Shadow - Espresso, Charcoal Brown, Crystal Avalanche

    Those are just a few! :) I am a little MAC obsessed, but maybe after finding your blog I will try out some different brands.

    Mandy Rose

  17. Hey Emily! Ive been a long time subscriber on your channel and been a lurker on here for a while also, but have yet to comment.
    i use quite a few different makeup brands but i do have a TONN of MAC, and a few must have items are
    Blankety l/s (amazzzzzing)
    woodwinked e/s (ive gone through 3)
    prr l/g
    love nectar l/g
    nylon e/s
    naked lunch e/s(i know you have it but i love it too)
    annnd there are many many more but i should stop lol

  18. also, woodwinked on the lid, naked lunch above it to blend it and fade it to the highlight, and then nylon to highlight is my favorite look and has been for years now. it take all of 5 mins. add blankety and prr or love nectar and it looks even better :)

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  20. I have almost the entire MAC line but here are a few favorites:

    Lipglass in underage
    Blush in Style (AMAZING)
    Lipliner in Whirl

    Highlight Eyeshadow: Jest, Nylon
    Eyeshadow: Sable, Humid, and Flashtrak
    ---I have NEVER worn Flashtrak and not gotten compliments.. its an amazing dark blue color

    Studio Fix Pressed Powder
    Moisture Blend Foundation

    PS. I am very fair skinned, but this stuff generally works on my friends just as well. =]

  21. I love MAC Mineralized skinfinish in Gold Deposit, before I started watching your videos I had never used a matte bronzer...It does have alot of shimmer , so apply wisely ha ha

    But here are some of the products I use
    1) Tech Foundation and Fix powder...they are both foundations but I have very naturally rosey cheeks and this evens it out
    2) Fluidline Eyeliner in Jetblack with their Angled brush
    3) All their pigments...last me forever!!!!. You cant even tell they have ever been used, and I use them tons....I use it with EZ eye cream (I think thats what its called ..also by MAC..)so they can stick!
    3)Lipglass in Elle and Poetic License.

    A good time to buy Mac is around the holidays..they come out wih these awesome little makeup bundles...wether it be lipsticks, lipgloss, name it and they are usually a great bargain!!

  22. I got around to finally doing some hauls I think a fellow makeup lover would enjoy!

    hope it helps you!

  23. I actually don't think Mac Carbon is really as black as some people claim it to be... my favorite black is from Wet 'n Wild. It's one of their single eyeshadows in Panther. If you swatch Panther and Carbon next to each other, it makes Carbon look really light as Panther is a really impressively pigmented shade!

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