New Video Series: People Mag's 100 Most Beautiful!

To all who love the celebrity-inspired looks- you're going to LOVE this! As you may know- People Magazine recently put out their 100 Most Beautiful People edition. While I won't be doing all 100 looks (some of them are men, duh! LOL), I will be doing some of my favorites.
Certain looks, like my first one for Jennifer Lopez, will be a direct re-creation of the photo in the magazine. For others, I'll base my look off of that particular person's signature makeup look that you may often see them wearing. For example- in my second installment of this series- I'll do a Carrie Underwood look- using some signature aspects of her makeup- which may not necessarily be an exact re-creation of her pic in the magazine... besides, some pictures on the "Most Beautiful" list are quite small!
Just wanted to update you on this new series- so look out for these videos on my YouTube channel!
Have a great day everyone!! Thanks so much for the kind messages and comments, they really make my day! Please bear with me though, my inbox on YouTube is doing some strange things- like not telling me if messages have sent, and not telling me if the friends I've added have actually been added as friends. Hopefully that gets all cleared up soon. Don't forget, if you watch me on YouTube make sure you subscribe- and tell your friends! :D


  1. what a great idea for a series! can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!

  2. i think this is a wonderful idea and i cant wait. your such a inspriation to watch thanks.

  3. I'm super-excited..can't wait! I always enjoy your videos. Maybe you could throw Tyler in for one of the men's know how we all adore Tyler!

  4. I loved your video where you re-created the JLo look. You did a perfect job!!! Do you recommend the Jane Tinted Moisturizer that you used? I am a sucker for Tinted Moisturizers :)

  5. I got the magazine today and I think you should do Freida Pinto's look. Although I'm a pale, freckly blonde girl, I want to look like her!

    A fun one to try would be one with a bold lip. Drew Barrymoore and Taylor Momsen are both rocking them in their pics... although they're some of the littler pics. I'm sure google can find s bigger version. :)

    Thanks! You're awesome!

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