Quick Update: Power, but no Internet

Hey guys!
Good news and bad news to pass along! The GOOD: On Wednesday evening the power came back on at our apartment. No more feeling arond in the dark trying to get ready for work.The BAD: The cable and internet are still not up and running, which almost annoys me more than not having power, because it means I can't post videos.

Let's hope it gets restored soon. Here are some upcoming videos/blogs that you can expect once I get internet access again:

-People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful- Carrie Underwood (tutorial)
-Sterling Minerals (Review)
-Coastal Scents Bargain Brushes (Review)
-LA Colors Nail Polishes (Review)
-My TV News Makeup Routine (tutorial)
-More Brand Favorites Videos (my must haves from brands like L'oreal, Rimmel, etc.)
-More Teen Tutorial/Mature Makeup vids
-Warm Weather makeup! Using bronzers, SPF, etc. (tutorial)

And MUCH more! I've got a lot of lost time to make up for! :D
Have a great day, and a great weekend!



  1. Yea! I can't wait till you are able to post your videos again. I'm especially looking forward to the must haves from different brands and your tv news makeup routine.

  2. Good to hear from you. Thank goodness at least the power is back, hopefully the internet will be back soon. It's crazy how much I miss your videos, I'm so used to you posting at least once or twice during the week. Can't wait!!

  3. OMG Emily those r some exciting things to look forward to...specially since I got some new makeup and want to be inspired by u as always :) I sure miss ur videos I hope ur internet and cable will b back soon !!

  4. Yay, I'm so excited for your new vids. Gotta say, I miss them!

  5. If for whatever reason you have no internet you can use your blackberry as a modem. I do it all of the time. I forgot how to, but you can research on how to turn it into one. However, you must have an unlimited data plan to do this.


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