Random Beauty Quizzes!

As I feared- we've gone almost all the way through the weekend- still without internet. I don't want to belabor the point, but I just wanted to let you know why there were still no videos up. I'm once again at the law library with Tyler... where I can at least post blogs and stuff. I ran across this website with zillions of quizzes (that's when you KNOW you're bored haha!) and I thought I'd take the beauty-related ones and post the links so you can try them yourself! (results are not scientific LOL) Have fun!


What Type of Beauty Are You?
You are a Classic beauty!

You have a timeless beauty that looks great in every decade
Instead following trends, you stick to what works
And this means you never skimp on your beauty routine
Upside? Your classic looks tends to attract gentlemen - not boys.

What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
Your Nail Polish Color is Magenta
How you're unique: You're confident - and you show everyone the true you

Why your style rocks: You have the attitude to carry the most outrageous outfits off

What this color says about you: "Look at me. I know you want to!"

How Girly Are You?
You are 64% Girly
You're a pretty girly chick, and you're not ashamed to admit it (or wear pink).
But you're also practical. You can hang with the guys, as long as they're not too gross!


  1. I miss your videos too! And here's what I got on the quizzes...

    1. The same as you.

    2. Purple - Creative and unique (Who isn't?)

    3. 54% girl (I think I'm more girl then that!)
    You're a little girly, a little boyish, and probably a whole lot indie.
    You have your own unique style, and it pretty much defies gender lines.

    Can't wait for more videos!

  2. Those were fun. I got red as my color. I was definitely surprised by that.

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