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Since I'm still without internet and I can't stand not doing makeup stuff- I had Tyler take me to the law school so I could use the computer there to at least post some blogs. I think lots of people in the area continue to be without cable/internet service. I'm just trying to make the best of it! I've been waiting to do video reviews on some things for awhile now- and I still might- but those of you who follow my blog will be getting the inside scoop. I would post videos from here too- but the uploading process takes too long and I don't think these computers have the capabilities I need for that. Not to mention the fact that I'm probably not supposed to be here doing this... but oh well! It's completely dead here since the school year is over.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
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So now on with the review!! Have you gotten your most recent Sephora catalog in the mail? Perhaps you noticed a product from Sephora's Kat Von D line called "Tattoo Concealer". (Kat Von D is a famous Tattoo Artist, in case you weren't aware). You might be thinking- how many of us really need a Tattoo Concealer? Well- this isn't strictly for tattoos- but I believe the title of the product indicates how much the product is capable of. It can be used for blemishes, undereye circles, and various other imperfections.

Kat Von D
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I believe this pretty much says it all about this product: I've been using it daily since the first time I tried it. In the words of "This oil-free, long-wearing formula makes blemishes, dark circles, tattoos, and imperfections disappear. It is perfect for any occasion that calls for a flawless look." I couldn't agree more!! I have this concealer in #1 Light. It costs $25 at It's obviously more than I usually spend on makeup, but as you know, I tend to splurge a bit when it comes to concealer- because that "wide awake" look is pretty important when you're a morning news anchor.
Compared to my other concealers- you really get a lot of product for your money with this- it comes in a pretty large-sized tube. I use it primarily on my under-eye area and unlike my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer kit (which I still LOVE- don't get me wrong)- this Kat Von D concealer is much more lightweight, which is a nice bonus as we head into summer when things start melting off our faces. The coverage is phenomenal, but it doesn't get cakey or greasy at any point in time- remember- this product is oil free.
I top it off with a light dusting of loose powder and it's there for the entire day. AND ANOTHER THING: as with any under-eye concealer, I apply this all the way up to my lower lashline to take care of any and all discoloration. As a result, I feel my lower liner has stayed on better with less smudging. All of you eyeliner wearers know- this is a super amazing thing.
Overall- I'm able to achieve the same flawless look that I get with my Bobbi Brown concealer- but I feel like I'm using less product and paying less money. Hopefully you don't consider this to be an "overshare" but I have a small (tiny) pink megaphone tattoo on my lower left abdomen. Of course I had to see if this "tattoo" concealer would actually cover that up. I'd say it covered it up about 85%. Paired with some extra powder- I think this stuff could completely cover it up.
Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone- and "have a wonderful day!!" (That's how the people at my cable/internet company ended each call on the 3 occassions I called to check their progress on the outage- LOL)


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I saw a picture of Kat Von D after she had her entire body covered with this concealer and you couldn't see any of her tattoos at all! Thanks for an in-depth review! You've convinced me to give it a try :)

  2. I really hate thick concealers and don't live super close to a sephora. The wording of tattoo makes me think it's thick and not as creamy. I guess I'll have to make the drive to go check it out before I splurge. thanks for the review, it was helpful.

  3. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for the review.

  4. I was really skeptical about getting this product because I wanted some thing that will cover my blemishes and scar. So thanks, Emily for bloging about it. I think I might give it a try!

  5. oo this sounds like an interesting product! i have a birthmark on my face that i'd like to cover.. thanks for this review!

  6. HI Emily!
    I just stumbled upon your blog...and I went out today while my hubby took the kids to a movie and went make-up crazy! I too am a petite dark brunette and cheered for Colorado State University. Go Rams! But, I have been deprived of make-up fun since the kiddos arrived! So, I love the drug sdtore eyeshadows you suggested and I just ordered some mineral samples from Sheer Miracle. Have you used it? I needed something without bismuth...which is what made me break out and itch....they have, pick any 4 samples for $9.50 and free shipping. I'll let you know how it is! Thanks for such great make-up tips...that look natural and real!

  7. this is my favorite concealer ever!

  8. I've been wanting to find a concealer for blemish, so I hope this will work. Thanks emily!

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