Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Survey- Do it Yourself!

This was sent to me to do- thought you guys might enjoy it!
Created by DAYDREAMER05 and taken 80405 times on Bzoink
time started:5:20
nickname(s):Em, Chief, Poof... so many more
birthday:December 27th
where were you born:Burlington, Iowa
do you still live there:Never did- it was the nearest hosptial
zodiac sign:Capricorn
hair color:Dark Brown
do you like it:yes
what does it look like:naturally straight, I often curl it
eye color:Brown
do you like it:yes
contacts or glasses:contacts
shoe size:8 or 8.5
grade:hmm... been out of college for a few years
GPA:i'll give myself a 4.0!
siblings:Kelly & Ryan
piercings:2 per ear & belly button
scent:cake or pie baking, cinnamon, sweet scents
show:reality talent shows: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, also Friday Night Lights
candy:can't beat a Twix bar
gum:Orbitz Sweet Mint
drink:anything strawberry flavored
food:nachos, tacos, a good pizza
pizza topping:cheese, sausage, & mushroom
book:I Like You by Amy Sedaris
vegetable:sweet corn
time of day:afternoon, or morning when I'm anchoring
day of the week:Friday/Saturday
font:hmm... something cute
shampoo:GVP Matrix Amplify
name:favorite name? i'll get back to you
phrase:i love you and yay!!!
store:Sephora or Walgreens
accessory:my wedding ring
channel:3... it's the one I work for :)
weekend activity:shopping/hanging out with Tyler/movies/partying
house color:brick
animal:i like cats, bunnies, chipmunks... and more. preferably fluffy :)
board game:Monopoly
story from childhood:The Velveteen Rabbit
have you ever
been on a plane:yes
been on a train:yes
been on a bus:yes
been in a taxi:yes
been in a car accident:as a very small child- not serious
burned something:yes- severely burned tater tots a few months back
went out of the country:no
broken the law:not majorly, probably like speeding or something
lost something valuable:probably
met a celebrity:yes
cried in public:yes
had a cavity:yes
shopped at abercrombie and fitch:yes
prank called anyone:yes
faked sick:no
fallen from a tree:probably as a child
climbed a tree:yes
slept outside:yes
broken a bone:no
passed out:like fainted or fallen asleep? i haven't fainted before
been to disney world:no
made a model volcano:haha no
the last
phone call:mom
thing bought:postage
thing said:laughter
time you cried:don't remember exactly- probably during a recent movie
thing you ate:a Boca burger
shoes you wore:white wedges
occupation:news anchor/host
place to live:nice big house :)
kids:a few
car:not sure- cars are always changing. the auto industry is a mess right now
what are you doing tomorrow:working, among other things
best friend:Tyler
silliest:Me sometimes
meanest:they might not want to be my friend anymore haha
the one you have but don't want:huh?
most hyper:that's a shared title
weirdest:haha, also a shared title
pick one
pepsi-coke:either if it's diet
gold-silver:depends on outfit, usually silver
vanilla-chocolate:vanilla ice cream, chocolate candy
half empty-half full:Half full
sun-moon:they're both pretty awesome
hot-cold:75 degrees
jeans-shorts:at my ideal temperature (see above) either would work
first thing that comes to mind when you hear...
slippers:pink & fuzzy
lawn mower:loud noises!
harry potter:glasses
rooster:wake up
bill clinton:hillary
whipped cream:tasty!
lollypop:i want one
are you
what time is it!:5:40
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pretty Nail Polish Alert!

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all having a nice weekend. It's been SO hot where I live, and finally today things are cooling down just a bit. Last night I was doing my nails before going out- not yet sure what I wanted to wear. So I reached for my new China Glaze nail polish in Awakening- and I'm so glad I did- it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm not sure if this will make any sense: but when it goes on your nails it looks the very same as it does in the bottle- which tends to be different in every light. The color can look anywhere from mauve to magenta- while always giving a gorgeous, almost metallic golden undertone. So it complimented any number of outfits I'd pick out.

I have 2 coats of polish on my nails in these pictures. Honestly, If I was in a hurry, one coat would've been fine. Then I topped it off with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine topcoat for added shine & strength. I'm able to find China Glaze polishes at my local Sally Beauty Supply store- but if you know of other places people can find them- please comment and let me & everyone else know :) They cost around 5 or 6 dollars- and sometimes there's a BOGO deal. It seems a little pricey to me for a nail polish- but it's a price I'm willing to pay from time to time for the following reasons:
  1. Variety of shades... like the one featured in this blog, some of the China Glaze colors are so unique- you just wouldn't find them from another brand.
  2. Sometimes it only takes one coat... with certain shades you can totally get by with one coat
  3. It goes on so smooth! No streaky finish- it always ends up looking creamy & beautiful!
  4. Long-lasting... in my experience, these polishes maintain a fresh appearance and it takes quite awhile for them to start chipping. Obviously if I'm having an especially active week I can expect some premature chipping, but overall I think China Glaze can outlast most other polishes.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by the blog! :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

88 Warm Palette Swatches

Hi everyone! Have you seen my Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette review/tutorial on my YouTube channel? You should check it out! I did a fun look using some of the interesting plum/brown shades in the palette. What I love about this palette is how there's not only a great selection of browns as you would expect- but you also get plenty of smokey colors and some interesting plum/burgandy tones. You'll notice that some of the shades in the upper left hand corner of this palette seem a bit washed out, and that's partially true due to the picture... but a lot of these lighter shades are kind of similar to one another, and that's probably the thing I like the least about this palette, but it's no big deal... especially becuase I've felt most Coastal Scents palettes haven't offered enough highlight shades. The palette is available at http://www.coastalscents.com

One other thing I'd like to mention- when I review products, I'm not attempting to convince you to buy it or not buy it. I'm giving my opinion on what I thought about it after trying it over an extended period of time. I'm voluntarily reviewing products, which takes a considerable amount of time out of my day, but I do it because I enjoy it and I like to inform you the viewer/reader. Don't agree with what I said? That's completely fine! Check out other sources and see what they had to say. If something works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work great for you as well. But I am committed to giving my most educated and honest opinion, and that is what I'll continue to do. Also please be aware that I am reviewing the PRODUCT... not necessarily where it came from, how the company's customer service was, or any number of additional factors. Perhaps I will mention those things if I feel they're relevant- but usually- my opinions stem from what I think of the product itself. I won't hesitate to totally rant on a product I dislike, but at the same time, I won't hold back from praising a product I think is great.
Now for some swatches! These obviously aren't all 88 shades, but just a sampling from some of the different color families in the palette.
warm browns & peaches

smokey tones

plums & pink tones
Thanks for stopping by my blog everyone, and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My TV News Makeup Routine

Hey everyone! I recently posted this video of my TV news makeup routine- basically what I do every morning to get ready for the show I anchor! If you'd like to see a listing of all the products used, just look at the sidebar information on the YouTube page. It's quite a long video, but I wanted to make sure I explained why I sometimes do things differently for TV news makeup.

After posting it, I thought it would be cool to collect your questions about TV news broadcasting- whether it applies to the profession, makeup, education, or anything at all news-related-- and then I can compile them and respond to them either in a blog or a video. You can ask your questions as a comment to this blog, or email them to beautybroadcast@hotmail.com. I know quite a few of you are interested in getting in to this field, so I'd love to hear from you, or others who are just curious. Thanks in advance for offering up your questions- and I hope you all have a great week!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

7 Summer Drugstore Faves!

Hey everyone! Summer is almost officially here so I thought I'd give you some of my current favorite makeup items to kick-off the season. Best of all- they're all super affordable! (And they're great for any season- not just summertime!) I'll describe them each below... sort of going top row, then bottom row from left to right.

*Cover Girl 4-kit Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes..... you might first look at this palette and think- that's definitely a smokey eye look... but the beauty of this kit is that you can totally vary the intensity of these colors. Yes, you can get a killer smokey eye- but you can also wear the colors more soft (it's all about what kind of brush you use!) and make it great for daytime! The burgandy shade is fantastic- and you'll be surprised at the color payoff.

*Jordana Easyliner for lips in Baby Berry..... This is a wonderful rosy pink lipliner. I don't have problems with it feathering outside my lip line, and it's so creamy it can easily be applied all over your lips and worn alone, or with a light clear gloss. Top it off with a coordinating color to switch up the look! I love a pale pink gloss on top of this.

*Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in True Peach..... A pretty peachy-pink blush that has nice staying power and a gorgeous natural finish for basically any skin tone. Need to rush out the door and run a few errands? Skip the heavy duty makeup and dust this across your cheeks for a fresh & revived look.

*Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon..... berry, peaches, watermelon.... are you noticing a trend here? This is a great tinted lip balm that actually gives off a nice amount of color! This is a nice medium pink that will look great on an otherwise natural face. Don't be fooled though- it's not watermelon flavored. It has a nice cool minty tingle that I find quite refreshing during the warm summer months!

*ELF Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Melon Mayhem..... and the fruity theme continues! Not only is the packaging adorable- it has a nice peachy-nude shimmery tint and smells yummy! I love the slide open tin. And while everything on this list is affordable, this one take the cake- only $1 on www.eyeslipsface.com

*Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect in Blackest Black..... I am loving this mascara SO MUCH. It claims to thicken, lengthen, and curl and I can assure you, it delivers on those claims. It took a little getting used to, but I really enjoy the brush- one side has longer bristles for lengthening, the other has shorter bristles that work great for adding volume. I like how the formula isn't so thin- it's a bit dryer, so it builds on it's self so well without clumping your lashes together. I wear this on days when I know I won't be using false eyelashes- because it comes very close to replicating the false lashes look on it's own!

*L'oreal De-Crease Eyeshadow Base..... Not wanting to shell out your hard-earned money on Too Faced Shadow Insurance? Well I must say, it's a great product- but so is this... for a fraction of the price! The reason why I recommend De-crease especially for summer is the fact that it's a bit more dry... and whether we want to put this image in our minds or not- our eyelids will inevitably become sweaty/oily in the summer heat. So this less oily shadow base will help keep your lids fresh and your shadow long-wearing!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog everyone, and I hope you all have a great kick-off to summer! love ya!

Emily :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DuWop Revolution Review & Wedding Fun

Hey everyone! I know I've mentioned this product before- but it totally saved me for a wedding I went to over the weekend. DuWop Revolution is an SPF 15 body moisturizer and bronzer in one. It's NOT a sunless tanner. it doesn't come off until you wash it off- and also, you get color INSTANTLY! Think of it as a creamy body stain. Even though the color is deeper than your skin tone- it totally melts into your skin and is easy to blend. Tyler was even able to put this on my back with no problem! It's available on Sephora's website. I first tried it because it was part of a DuWop gift pack my sister gave me for Christmas- now I can't do without it!

So here's Tyler and I at the wedding- as you can see- the DuWop bronzer is quite natural looking and I definitely needed it since I really didn't have much of a tan prior to the wedding. (by this point in the evening we'd been dancing so much, I probably sweat off a lot of my face makeup :) The body bronzer is terrific for times when you want quick color that's a bit more drastic than what you'll get with a sunless tanner. It will come off in the shower- but when you want to have some color for a big event, it's great.

This is me with Andrea, the beautiful bride! She and Scott a.k.a Scottie (pictured below with Tyler) are friends of ours from college! They make a great couple and it was a wonderful weekend!

Tyler & Scottie- the night before the wedding! We had a blast! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, and have a wonderful day! :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Interviewed Superman!

Hey everyone! On our morning newscast, I've interviewed a lot of different people... legislators, balloon makers, professors... even Santa Claus! But today, my task was interviewing none other than the man of steel himself... Superman! I was really excited, because it's not your typical interview. I mean, what do you ask him?

He's the official superman for the Metropolis Superman Festival. Though it's a festival that's held in southern Illinois- it draws people from all over the country who're comic book fanatics. I've covered it for the news for the past two years and I've met dozens of people dressed all crazy like their favorite superhero. It's really fun, and it's going on this weekend.

I asked him things like what his background was, what made him want to be Superman, what his workout secrets are- he's a big, really buff guy! His name is Josh and he's originally from Texas. He's a life-long athlete and has always loved Superman. The picture above really cracks me up because we're both sitting there as if he's not a guy dressed in head-to-toe spandex- we're both positioned like anyone would be for an interview! LOL. If you'd like to learn more about Josh and the Superman Celebration, check out the website: http://www.supermansupersite.com/2009celebration/superman.html
Just wanted to share this random experience with you all! I know it's not makeup related, but it's cool! :D Have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tips for Tips Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make sure you heard about the giveaway on my YouTube channel! Give me your best beauty tip and I'll give you tips for your nails and lashes! The FOUR winners receive a prize package containing one set of Revlon Runway Collection nails- and 3 sets of Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes! GREAT PRODUCTS! (I might toss in a few other special gifts!)

-Enter by leaving your best beauty tip in the comments section
-You must be a subscriber-Giveaway IS open to international viewers
-No more than one comment (tip) per person!
-Must give an actual beauty tip to win! No spam!
-Must be willing to give me your mailing address so I can send your prize package!
-Winners will be chosen at random!

*To enter you must leave your comment on my Tips for Tips Giveaway video

*Don't forget to read through the list of comments for great beauty tips from Beauty Broadcast fans!
*Winners will be contacted via YouTube message, and also mentioned in the winners announcement video!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Case of the Monday's" Makeup Tips

(picture taken by Tyler as I was reluctantly awoken from a nap-
very similar to the feeling you get when you wake up and realize it's Monday morning.)
Hi Everyone!
Well, here we are- Sunday night. In mere hours those of us whose work/school schedules follow the typical work week format will be back in the saddle. But don't worry- this blog entry isn't meant to depress you- it's meant to give you some tips to look great- even while you're having the dreaded "Case of the Monday's" as talked about in the movie Office Space (I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet). Plus, you never know... looking great might just be enough to take your case of the Monday's away entirely!
  • Splash face with cold water when you wash your face in the morning. Yes, it will be a shock but it will usually scare most of the grogginess out of you!
  • Try a moisturizer infused with Vitamin C. Bee Luscious has a nice moisturizer that has a citrusy scent that's a nice pick-me-up, and there's something about it that gives your skin instant radiance.
  • Don't skip the concealer- dark circles are to be expected in the morning- but if you can cover them up, maybe you'll convince yourself that you're more awake than you thought you were!
  • Use shadow as liner! It's quicker and more goof-proof than liquid. Just take any semi-deep shade and use an angled brush to blend the shadow right into your lash line. The look is less hars and won't make eyes seem so closed in when they already don't want to be open.
  • Curl your eyelashes! Widening the eyes gives an instant "awake" look.
  • If your eyes don't feel very wide awake- take a white eyeliner and line your waterline (inner rim on your lower lashline). This sort of gives the appearance that the white of your eyes is extending out, thus making the eyes appear larger. It also conceals redness on the waterline that inevitably occurs due to lack of sleep.
  • Wear blush! This is a great tip for when you're a little under the weather as well. It puts the look of health back in your face.
  • Consider wearing your hair up! It can give your entire face a lifted and more energized look, and once it's done it takes less fussing around with during the day. Plus it can sometimes be quicker and easier than wearing it down. An easy option for a polished look when hair is up is wrapping your ponytail with your own hair. Check out my video tutorial on that.
  • Don't forget accessories. Even if you don't have the time to come up with a cute and creative outfit- anything can look more put-together with a cute pair of earrings or a neat necklace. It can spice up a basic black shirt and make it look like you've put somet thought into it. Belts are a great add-on too!
  • Spritz on an energizing fragrance. I love body sprays with a fresh and fruity scent- it gives me a nice boost as I walk out the door. And fellow "case of the Monday's" sufferers might just catch a whif and feel a little happier :D

Have a great Monday everyone!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Happening on Beauty Broadcast!

Hey everyone!! I've gotten a few emails from people who're new to my YouTube channel, and they say, wow- I didn't know you had a blog too! I'm so happy to hear that new people continue to discover my various outlets for Beauty Broadcast, and I want to make sure you make the most of your visit to my blog! Therefore- I'm giving you a little run through since things have changed as time's gone on. Thanks for stopping by!

  • BLOG POSTS... This is an obvious one. I post as often as I can. A lot of people on YouTube simply re-hash their videos on their blog. Sometimes the added explanation can be great, but otherwise- it's like, why just hash out the same info? If people are going to visit my blog- I want to give them something new that's exclusive to my blog. There will sometimes be some overlapping, but I like to use fresh material as much as possible :D

  • BEAUTY BROADCAST 24/7... Click this link on the sidebar to go to a 24 hour, 7 day a week chat room! I'll come in and chat too sometimes, but it will always be there for you to talk to other Beauty Broadcast fans!

  • LINK TO FACEBOOK... Yep, Beauty Broadcast is on Facebook! You'll find a sidebar link to the BB fan page. Become a fan and get special updates on new videos, blogs, etc!

  • BROADCAST YOUR BEAUTY... I love this feature! Click this button on the sidebar to check out viewer pictures- their looks, inspired by Beauty Broadcast tutorials! To submit your own look- just send an emaily to beautybroadcast@hotmail.com just include the BB tutorial your look is inspired by :)

  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK... This is a weekly poll that wraps up every Sunday night, and usually a new video recapping the results is posted on my YT channel on Monday. I also try to incorporate some sort of tip or review based on the question. You'll find it on the sidebar of the blog.

  • MAC DUPE FORUM... Can't afford to buy MAC makeup all the time? Check here to see what products other viewers/readers say are just like MAC- but are less expensive! Submit your dupes- beautybroadcast@hotmail.com

  • TWITTER UPDATES... My twitter updates automatically appear on the sidebar of my blog! Check them here, or follow me at http://twitter.com/emilynoel83

  • LINKS... Another feature on the sidebar... I've provided links to beauty information, as well as links to online beauty shopping sites!

  • TOTAL BEAUTY TIPS... Total Beauty is a great website for beauty info... so I decided to add that feature to my blog so you can see what the latest articles are :) sidebar!

  • BEAUTY IN THE NEWS... This is at the very bottom of the sidebar. It's been on my blog all along, but perhaps you haven't had the chance to check it out. This feature continually updates the latest articles in the news that contain the words makeup, cosmetics, beauty, and hair. You can select which category you want to see articles from. Maybe you'll learn something new!

Thanks for taking the time to get re-acquainted with the Beauty Broadcast Blog! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Exclusive Q & A: Silk Bee

(all pictures/logos courtesy silkbee.com-
click the logo above to visit website)
Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm testing out a brand that's new to me called Silk Bee. It's a brand that makes moisturizers for the face, body, feet, eyes, and lips. The company prides itself on the use of natural ingredients. I love getting the chance to interact with company leaders, really getting "inside" the brand and passing along their information straight to my readers/viewers. That's part of what's so fun about makeup- so many different brands to learn about and enjoy! You can expect a full video review form me on the the Silk Bee line in the days to come, but first- learn more about the brand in this exclusive Q & A.

Thanks to Omar with Silk Bee for taking the time to answer my questions!

1. What makes Silk Bee different from other brands?
Silk Bee stands out not only for its top quality and service, but also for its unique approach to skincare. We begin in the natural world. Instead of relying on mineral oil and glycerin for the base ingredients, at Silk Bee, we turn to luscious green plants for the basis. These green ingredients provide a rich source of vitamins to naturally nourish the skin. Also, unlike many other companies that outsource production into factories that manufacture in mass quantities, Silk Bee products are handmade in the U.S.A. We create each product from scratch in small batches, and proudly send fresh to clients all across the globe. Our products are fragrance-free, and suitable for all skin-types, even the most sensitive.

2. What's the difference between the Classic Silk and Elan Vital formulations? (the two versions of almost every Silk Bee product) What skin types are best for each one?
The fundamental difference between Classic Silk and Elan Vital lies in their inherently different formulations. The balance of the ingredients in each product line varies, and the Elan Vital formulations are enhanced with additional ingredients for further moisturizing benefits. In general, the Classic silk formulations are best for normal to oily skin, whereas Elan Vital is better suited for dry skin types.

3. Where are your products made?
Silk Bee products are made in the USA on the outskirts of the nation's capitol under controlled, rigorous, and sanitary conditions.

4. A lot of natural products are used- why is this so important?
At Silk Bee, we proudly derive our most important ingredients from the natural world. These all natural extracts represent the timelessly proven harmony of humanity. As we accept nature’s gifts and use them to protect, improve, and moisturize our skin, we begin to play our part in also protecting our surroundings. In addition to working gently to provide powerful skincare benefits, our natural formulations work well with multiple skin types, and ultimately are much friendlier to the environment. Natural ingredients mark a new way forward —one that also embraces the traditional balance of the past.

5. Your products are unscented- will you ever come out with scented products or will this be the extent of the brand?
Our formulators at Silk Bee are currently looking into developing scented products, while maintaining our commitment to using all natural ingredients. We are focusing on essential oils, which provide not only pleasing scents, but also powerful skincare benefits. As we expand and develop further product lines, we envision a panorama of Silk Bee products in both scented and unscented versions.

6. What are your most popular products?
Our customers continually return for refills on all our products. So far, the Classic Silk Face Cream and Elan Vital Lip Balm seem to be the most popular.
Thanks again, Omar! And thanks to all the readers for stopping by my blog. Again- look for a video review on this brand soon! :D Have a great day everyone,