7 Summer Drugstore Faves!

Hey everyone! Summer is almost officially here so I thought I'd give you some of my current favorite makeup items to kick-off the season. Best of all- they're all super affordable! (And they're great for any season- not just summertime!) I'll describe them each below... sort of going top row, then bottom row from left to right.

*Cover Girl 4-kit Eye Enhancers in Drama Eyes..... you might first look at this palette and think- that's definitely a smokey eye look... but the beauty of this kit is that you can totally vary the intensity of these colors. Yes, you can get a killer smokey eye- but you can also wear the colors more soft (it's all about what kind of brush you use!) and make it great for daytime! The burgandy shade is fantastic- and you'll be surprised at the color payoff.

*Jordana Easyliner for lips in Baby Berry..... This is a wonderful rosy pink lipliner. I don't have problems with it feathering outside my lip line, and it's so creamy it can easily be applied all over your lips and worn alone, or with a light clear gloss. Top it off with a coordinating color to switch up the look! I love a pale pink gloss on top of this.

*Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in True Peach..... A pretty peachy-pink blush that has nice staying power and a gorgeous natural finish for basically any skin tone. Need to rush out the door and run a few errands? Skip the heavy duty makeup and dust this across your cheeks for a fresh & revived look.

*Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon..... berry, peaches, watermelon.... are you noticing a trend here? This is a great tinted lip balm that actually gives off a nice amount of color! This is a nice medium pink that will look great on an otherwise natural face. Don't be fooled though- it's not watermelon flavored. It has a nice cool minty tingle that I find quite refreshing during the warm summer months!

*ELF Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Melon Mayhem..... and the fruity theme continues! Not only is the packaging adorable- it has a nice peachy-nude shimmery tint and smells yummy! I love the slide open tin. And while everything on this list is affordable, this one take the cake- only $1 on www.eyeslipsface.com

*Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara Triple Effect in Blackest Black..... I am loving this mascara SO MUCH. It claims to thicken, lengthen, and curl and I can assure you, it delivers on those claims. It took a little getting used to, but I really enjoy the brush- one side has longer bristles for lengthening, the other has shorter bristles that work great for adding volume. I like how the formula isn't so thin- it's a bit dryer, so it builds on it's self so well without clumping your lashes together. I wear this on days when I know I won't be using false eyelashes- because it comes very close to replicating the false lashes look on it's own!

*L'oreal De-Crease Eyeshadow Base..... Not wanting to shell out your hard-earned money on Too Faced Shadow Insurance? Well I must say, it's a great product- but so is this... for a fraction of the price! The reason why I recommend De-crease especially for summer is the fact that it's a bit more dry... and whether we want to put this image in our minds or not- our eyelids will inevitably become sweaty/oily in the summer heat. So this less oily shadow base will help keep your lids fresh and your shadow long-wearing!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog everyone, and I hope you all have a great kick-off to summer! love ya!

Emily :)


  1. I have and love all these products!!

  2. Just one question, does the CG palette very powdery? Because I owned one of those and it's very powdery which i dont like, so I never buy another one since then.

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  4. Whoops!

    I love the elf lip tins. Melon Mayhem is my favorite out of the tins that I have. It gives the perfect peachy pout that I'm looking for. However you said they're only $1 but on the website they're $2 now, bummer. I picked up a pack of 3 for $2.50 at my local Big Lots though!

  5. I am very interested in the Covergirl eyeshadows! Looks like a great colour combo! Look forward to seeing how you use it! LOVE your blog, keep up the great work! :)

  6. You have no idea how much I enjoyed reading this entry

  7. Love the all drugstore theme! I've always strayed away from Almay mascaras since they're owned by Revlon and Revlon doesn't produce the best mascara!

  8. I have one of those ELF Lip Tins coming in the mail....I recently ordered a ton of items from their web site....and they gave me a free lip tin for referring three friends to their site! YAY!
    I'll have to try the other items you mentioned too!
    Thanks again, Emily, for a great post!!

  9. Ooh... Pretty! I just found your site after watching your bumpit video on youtube. I love your make up tips!

    I need major help as I'm a soon-to-be mama with lots of dark circles around my eyes which is made to look wore thanks to a very porcelain skin tone! (Look a bit like an albino raccoon!) I'll keep looking through to see if you've talked about how to solve that problem!

    Great site though!

  10. Hi! :) been a follower on your blog for some time now and I have to say i learn quite a bit from you! Hm.. May i know where to get the covergirl palette? It looks really pretty and i am thinking of getting it :)

  11. I have the LOreal De-Crease and im not having any luck with it but love the blg cant wait for more :)

  12. I love the burts bees shimmers!! Great selection!

  13. ooh...love this post...and I'm off to Walgreens! I'm going to try that Almay mascara.
    (love your blog, by the way.)


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