88 Warm Palette Swatches

Hi everyone! Have you seen my Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette review/tutorial on my YouTube channel? You should check it out! I did a fun look using some of the interesting plum/brown shades in the palette. What I love about this palette is how there's not only a great selection of browns as you would expect- but you also get plenty of smokey colors and some interesting plum/burgandy tones. You'll notice that some of the shades in the upper left hand corner of this palette seem a bit washed out, and that's partially true due to the picture... but a lot of these lighter shades are kind of similar to one another, and that's probably the thing I like the least about this palette, but it's no big deal... especially becuase I've felt most Coastal Scents palettes haven't offered enough highlight shades. The palette is available at http://www.coastalscents.com

One other thing I'd like to mention- when I review products, I'm not attempting to convince you to buy it or not buy it. I'm giving my opinion on what I thought about it after trying it over an extended period of time. I'm voluntarily reviewing products, which takes a considerable amount of time out of my day, but I do it because I enjoy it and I like to inform you the viewer/reader. Don't agree with what I said? That's completely fine! Check out other sources and see what they had to say. If something works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work great for you as well. But I am committed to giving my most educated and honest opinion, and that is what I'll continue to do. Also please be aware that I am reviewing the PRODUCT... not necessarily where it came from, how the company's customer service was, or any number of additional factors. Perhaps I will mention those things if I feel they're relevant- but usually- my opinions stem from what I think of the product itself. I won't hesitate to totally rant on a product I dislike, but at the same time, I won't hold back from praising a product I think is great.
Now for some swatches! These obviously aren't all 88 shades, but just a sampling from some of the different color families in the palette.
warm browns & peaches

smokey tones

plums & pink tones
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  1. these are sooooo gorgeous. Maybe I'll wait for one of these palettes to come out on ebay so it can be cheaper. I hope they do.

  2. These look great and I am planning to buy one soon!
    Thanks, Emily....

  3. Hi Emily!! ; )
    Just wondering if you've ever heard of MARK products, you should check them out, I think they're great products and espcially for a bargain hunter. ; )
    check out my store

    let me know what you think !! thanks!!

  4. oh yeah check out some swatches and reviews of mark on my blog

    ; )

  5. oohh the colors soothe me! they are very pretty, Emily :)

  6. My goodness Emily!
    I really want that palette! =]

    Thanks for the blog post on it!


  7. Just received my Palette this week.
    I Love it!
    Thank you so much for showing it!!

  8. I really love this palette and especially the brown color right above the charcoal black in it... Does anyone know about a Mac dupe for this color? Or any other brand... I just really want this color in bigger :D Thank you <3 Klara

  9. These look great and I am planning to buy one soon!

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