"Case of the Monday's" Makeup Tips

(picture taken by Tyler as I was reluctantly awoken from a nap-
very similar to the feeling you get when you wake up and realize it's Monday morning.)
Hi Everyone!
Well, here we are- Sunday night. In mere hours those of us whose work/school schedules follow the typical work week format will be back in the saddle. But don't worry- this blog entry isn't meant to depress you- it's meant to give you some tips to look great- even while you're having the dreaded "Case of the Monday's" as talked about in the movie Office Space (I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet). Plus, you never know... looking great might just be enough to take your case of the Monday's away entirely!
  • Splash face with cold water when you wash your face in the morning. Yes, it will be a shock but it will usually scare most of the grogginess out of you!
  • Try a moisturizer infused with Vitamin C. Bee Luscious has a nice moisturizer that has a citrusy scent that's a nice pick-me-up, and there's something about it that gives your skin instant radiance.
  • Don't skip the concealer- dark circles are to be expected in the morning- but if you can cover them up, maybe you'll convince yourself that you're more awake than you thought you were!
  • Use shadow as liner! It's quicker and more goof-proof than liquid. Just take any semi-deep shade and use an angled brush to blend the shadow right into your lash line. The look is less hars and won't make eyes seem so closed in when they already don't want to be open.
  • Curl your eyelashes! Widening the eyes gives an instant "awake" look.
  • If your eyes don't feel very wide awake- take a white eyeliner and line your waterline (inner rim on your lower lashline). This sort of gives the appearance that the white of your eyes is extending out, thus making the eyes appear larger. It also conceals redness on the waterline that inevitably occurs due to lack of sleep.
  • Wear blush! This is a great tip for when you're a little under the weather as well. It puts the look of health back in your face.
  • Consider wearing your hair up! It can give your entire face a lifted and more energized look, and once it's done it takes less fussing around with during the day. Plus it can sometimes be quicker and easier than wearing it down. An easy option for a polished look when hair is up is wrapping your ponytail with your own hair. Check out my video tutorial on that.
  • Don't forget accessories. Even if you don't have the time to come up with a cute and creative outfit- anything can look more put-together with a cute pair of earrings or a neat necklace. It can spice up a basic black shirt and make it look like you've put somet thought into it. Belts are a great add-on too!
  • Spritz on an energizing fragrance. I love body sprays with a fresh and fruity scent- it gives me a nice boost as I walk out the door. And fellow "case of the Monday's" sufferers might just catch a whif and feel a little happier :D

Have a great Monday everyone!



  1. these are awesome tips emily. btw that's a funny pic :)

  2. Aw, these are great tips. I think it's insane that you can wake up so early to do your job and still have such amazing make up!! I def. envy you :D

  3. I can't believe he took a picture of you like that - I hope once you were awake properly you got revenge. Or that you're at least planning it! :)

    Those are all really good tips. I didn't manage to do a single one of them this morning. For me today it was a "case of the first monday back after a week off" which is extra brutal and I barely managed to get out of bed this morning!

  4. Great tips. I'm going to try them this morning especially since I didn't sleep well.

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  6. Great blog! Really enjoying reading it. Come swing by mine sometime, I think you would like it x

  7. Hey Emily!
    Really like the tips!!
    I love your videos and your blog!

    big kiss from Carol [Brazil]

  8. Thanks Emily, I will try it next monday.

  9. These are really good tips. I know that I definitely need the concealer in the morning when I'm tired.

  10. This is great advice. I've been intuitively doing all of the above for years. Attempting to make myself like a human being after sleeping 2-4 hrs a day during finals :P


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