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Hey everyone!! I've gotten a few emails from people who're new to my YouTube channel, and they say, wow- I didn't know you had a blog too! I'm so happy to hear that new people continue to discover my various outlets for Beauty Broadcast, and I want to make sure you make the most of your visit to my blog! Therefore- I'm giving you a little run through since things have changed as time's gone on. Thanks for stopping by!

  • BLOG POSTS... This is an obvious one. I post as often as I can. A lot of people on YouTube simply re-hash their videos on their blog. Sometimes the added explanation can be great, but otherwise- it's like, why just hash out the same info? If people are going to visit my blog- I want to give them something new that's exclusive to my blog. There will sometimes be some overlapping, but I like to use fresh material as much as possible :D

  • BEAUTY BROADCAST 24/7... Click this link on the sidebar to go to a 24 hour, 7 day a week chat room! I'll come in and chat too sometimes, but it will always be there for you to talk to other Beauty Broadcast fans!

  • LINK TO FACEBOOK... Yep, Beauty Broadcast is on Facebook! You'll find a sidebar link to the BB fan page. Become a fan and get special updates on new videos, blogs, etc!

  • BROADCAST YOUR BEAUTY... I love this feature! Click this button on the sidebar to check out viewer pictures- their looks, inspired by Beauty Broadcast tutorials! To submit your own look- just send an emaily to beautybroadcast@hotmail.com just include the BB tutorial your look is inspired by :)

  • QUESTION OF THE WEEK... This is a weekly poll that wraps up every Sunday night, and usually a new video recapping the results is posted on my YT channel on Monday. I also try to incorporate some sort of tip or review based on the question. You'll find it on the sidebar of the blog.

  • MAC DUPE FORUM... Can't afford to buy MAC makeup all the time? Check here to see what products other viewers/readers say are just like MAC- but are less expensive! Submit your dupes- beautybroadcast@hotmail.com

  • TWITTER UPDATES... My twitter updates automatically appear on the sidebar of my blog! Check them here, or follow me at http://twitter.com/emilynoel83

  • LINKS... Another feature on the sidebar... I've provided links to beauty information, as well as links to online beauty shopping sites!

  • TOTAL BEAUTY TIPS... Total Beauty is a great website for beauty info... so I decided to add that feature to my blog so you can see what the latest articles are :) sidebar!

  • BEAUTY IN THE NEWS... This is at the very bottom of the sidebar. It's been on my blog all along, but perhaps you haven't had the chance to check it out. This feature continually updates the latest articles in the news that contain the words makeup, cosmetics, beauty, and hair. You can select which category you want to see articles from. Maybe you'll learn something new!

Thanks for taking the time to get re-acquainted with the Beauty Broadcast Blog! :)


  1. Emily, thank you for this over-view of your blog! I enjoy checking it and when I see a new post, I just get giddy! LOL
    I love your YouTube videos as well; you are so "real" and natural.

  2. Cynthia you rock! thanks for being a loyal reader :)

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